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While I can read what you are doing most others aren't going to give it the time and potentially flag it.

This script is removed.

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Re: @Al_Caughey:

I can't seem to find a link/button...on how to contribute a script?

Click your user name in the upper left corner then on that page it is usually "Add Script".

As with all .user.js there can be a risk. This was evaluated already and is a bit sketchy. Bad @require and also a library sitting on GF that "downloads codecs" which is suspect imho... however not enough to merit removal just yet.

If anyone feels that this is risky then do not install it. If anyone can reproduce a malware type use case for it then flag it with the succinct steps to reproduce. We have plenty of ways test things out in a more safe environment than production machines.

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Re: @passepartout39:

GM_SuperValue, really great, maybe it'll be enough?


but I need it to be easy to use as possible so it must be done without editing directly the script and just by clicking on a button.

Doesn't do this portion of your query.

Re: @passepartout39:

So I think I'll need a way to store data permanently but relaying on local storage or cookie looks too unreliable to me so I have no idea how it's done in TM or GM.

Take a look at GM_config library and corresponding The GM_config Unit Test to see if it meets your needs. Ensure that you are using // @grant GM_setValue and related in your UserScript metadata block so it should pick the GM storage instead of more public storage.

Re: @xedx:

Of course at that point I had no idea that I could not change it later...

Correct and it's obvious. If I didn't need the DB practice then this would not have happened.

... nor delete my account.

Correct... to maintain the integrity of OUJS this is not a feature. You may however delete your content as you have already stated.

I have already deleted all my 'edlau' scripts from the site.

Thank you for that consideration.

I have read that this is not a trivial thing to do.

It is not and even more so since I get to do this directly in the DB.

  1. Can my account be renamed to xedx?


  1. Are multiple accounts tied to one GitHub account not possible?


If it is possible, how would one accomplish that?

Why would we want to open a security nightmare for bad actors who create a bazillion accounts tied to one auth strategy?! (rehtorical question here as we wouldn't!)

I had to spend some quality time with my patience levels here and weigh in whether to grant your request. As I stated... since I need the DB practice it was granted and you did make a good faith effort to read similar requests on how to do it. However it is unlikely that anyone else will get this sort of grant in the future.

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Re: @kdw2060:

merge accounts

You have been, lengthily, merged and discussion redirected. Please remember you lost all of your scripts stats as I mentioned before. I took the liberty and courtesy of reuploading your scripts and their script meta. Since we treat authors as a name/script in the path, instead of number, your users shouldn't have any disruptions since it's the same path.

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Re: @Mr_FJ:

... too bad the filename is not as clean.

It is "clean" but the browsers are arguing again on standards. We've made an exception at #1599. You should be good to go.

Just a note... while I do check here on occasion... it is best to use the Development link below on every page to create an issue if you think it's an actual bug.

Thanks for the report.
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Re: @Mr_FJ:

I copied the info block from that script

Re: @Mr_FJ:

Adding it using the (e)ditor instead of as a file seems to have worked

Copied vs. upload is a little different story. I'm in the middle of rebuilding dev station and it will probably be another day before things are even remotely set to look for fixes possibly in our deps... possibly in the browsers sending the incorrect MIME type... idk yet.

Anyhow... confirmed with File upload in a "dirty" profile in this browser.

Re: @Mr_FJ:

Any idea why?

Nope. Works for me. Try a different browser and/or a clean profile... then try again?

OUJS Admin

One other quick note... the oldest account gets priority... so any scripts on this account will get axed and you lose all of your stats for them.

via some sort of...

Flag this script. Put in the comment field what both of your accounts are. Do this for both of your accounts. Make it the same unique content string but as similar as possible since one flag will have your username here and the other flag will have the sanitized email address account name. This is the most private atm that I can think of for the both of us.

Then I may be able to investigate if it's possible and clear the flags. I'm quite busy atm but might find some time soon.

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I'm one of those stupid users that initially registered with their e-mail address.

Reading the screen helps. ;)

OUJS Admin

Tick tock... Thursday, the 7th of March, 2019 is the deadline.

~13 minutes to do the maintenance... and back online. Thanks for the patience.

Re: @alonaar:

Since the link didn't work

That's because you used the ! in front of the markdown. ![...]( "comment") is what you typed. Imgur uses html and a script to show images at a share link... presuming they don't randomize the image(s) (there are two from your url)... the first one is currently currently. So your second comment is the way to do it.

Anyhow... /end teach ;) :)

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Sometime in the next 24 hours a backup is scheduled... not sure on the time since it's a new VPS and it might be faster or slower since it's bigger.

As some of you may know from following the Development link below google authentication is changing relatively soon. We've already put our feelers out for getting this fixed in our dependencies however there is some chatter, but not from our dependency developer, in the past several months.

As of the 28th of October, 2018 we disabled new Google authentications and only allow existing ones to authenticate. We are also awaiting the dependency to be updated and it could use votes and/or discussions at that dependency issue and PR. Obviously since I'm the backend VPS maintainer I can splice in the PR but that shouldn't be necessary nor is it wanted every time I update the site. e.g. This should be handled by the dependency not us. As a result...

It is strongly suggested that if you have google authentication only that you add a secondary one, under your preferences to avoid a repeat of Google Authentication Deprecation 1.0! e.g. if goo auth goes dead it goes dead until that peer dependency fixes it. I can't guarantee that existing goo accounts will continue to work either but we have done what we can within our workflow to hopefully avoid another goo fallout.

In the meantime we are watching this as a primary issue on our Development and when the goo deadline happens we'll see what fallout goo has done again this round.

Thanks for your continued patience.
OUJS Admin

See also:


I've seen some browser issues with this particular method just recently. id is supposed to be unique to one element/tag albeit some sites still don't pay attention to this, use it incorrectly and optionally abusively... then .user.js doesn't seem to handle them in the scope they are assigned.

  1. Try another browser and .user.js engine e.g. not TM and see if you can replicate the issue.
  2. Try getElementsByTagName and see if that works better for you. You may need to use a selector with querySelectorAll if this alternative is "too wide" of a capture in the DOM.
  3. Something else?

P.S. As OUJS Admin I fixed your lack of code fences on your snippets... please see this FAQ on how to use them.

Here's your commit where you changed the script @name thus it will always spawn a new script here on OUJS by design.

Migration is up to you how you handle your old @named script. Most user.js engines will spawn a new script as well and we match that behavior. e.g. this is your user error for changing the @name and not offering a migration path for your users. Yes you will lose all the script statistics if you change the @name. No we will not migrate your scripts because it is intended behavior.