jnaskali / Auto-Claim Itch.io Bundles


Version: 1.3+8f90a28 updated

Summary: Automatically clicks all claim links on itch.io bundle download pages. Especially useful to automatically claim the ~thousand games in Itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Bundle for Ukraine, etc. Thanks to FlaminSarge for the javascript post code!

Copyright: 2021, Juhani Naskali (www.naskali.fi)

License: MIT

WARNING! This script will open a lot of tabs on unclaimed bundle pages (only on first load).


  • Open a new window.
  • Navigate to bundle download page.
  • Wait for the red status bar to turn green.
  • Browse all pages of bundle.
  • Profit.

Version history:

  • 1.3 Now with 100% less tabs! Switched to background post queries (thanks to FlaminSarge) and added a status bar.
  • 1.2 Added (some) rate limiting for sanity
  • 1.1 Explicitly use jQuery from unsafewindow to fix Greasemonkey compatibility (big thanks to @NathanU for pointing this out)
  • 1.0 Initial commit

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