So I signed up through Github and it used a screwed up version of my e-mail as my username, I have already created an account through Google and it's username is correct, but can the devs of this website fix the Github registering for other people. I used "thakyZ" to log into my Github account and I verified the access and then looked at my name and it was what it is now, so I looked around and no option to change it.

Thank you, in advance, for deleting this account.

So what you meant to say is that you ignored the caution notice about using your email when you signed up here. ;) The username you entered on that page is sanitized for use not "screwed up". :P

A few things to remember:

  • Read everything first and this includes the Terms of Service.
  • Your newest account has been merged into this old one with a rename and setting as google as the default authorization.
  • Your newest account was deleted in order to preserve your tenure here and your activity.

Luckily I was able to detect the newest username was you... but if I wasn't able you would be out of luck for ignoring the caution. So in short you should be good to go. Re-sign in.


The problem is that there is no warning displayed when username changed by sanitizing routine. It should show the sanitized name and give them opportunity change it if they don't like before continue.

Re: @Vno:

Or you could just look at the source code and realize we sanitize just like GM, but I'm not here to debate but to educate... I am here however to curtail your complaints a bit before you offend some one in authority here with multiple "whines" in different discussions... Please be patient and go back to rereading a few things available here... including some quality time with the TOS.

I'm borrowing this thread. I made a mistake an account. Can someone, please, delete my (Google) account?
I would really appreciate that. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you in advance.


I created a new account this morning with a bad login (it's my email). Please, anyone knows how to remove it ?

It should be very nice.

Thank you for any help,

Same here

I created a new account this morning with a bad login (it's my email). Please, anyone knows how to remove it ?

Can someone change it to my GitHub username, which is bound to the profile?

As per policy (several years ago when the caution notice alert was first displayed) from the EO and AM (myself) this won't be allowed on a request basis. It is quite tedious to change the DB entries for anything you have done on the site including, but not limited to, commenting here.

A few of you have blatantly ignored the caution alert. We appreciate the nice requests as compared to the nasty ones however you get to live with your choice.

If one of us does "remove" you it will be a permanent state as per moderation+ duties.

OUJS Admin