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Re: @sjehuda:

Request to correct group name

That's the way the group was created albeit very messy.

After I do some checking in a while, it's on my TODO list to check to help assist publishers from making this sort of foo (whether intentional or not)... however it is not a huge priority.

Btw you seem to be not the creator so you shouldn't really be requesting a name change... but instead use the Development link, at the bottom of every page, and create an issue on GitHub (GH) on why you think it should be changed. I'll consider it over there along with my perpetual thinking on how to improve groups (and the site) when time is available. Your request will get lost here for possible DB changes.

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Re: @rahulraj80:

Btw just a mention the party that installed your script (if it wasn't you) will not be able to autoupdate their installation of your newer script releases since your path to it changed with the typo correction.

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Re: @rahulraj80:

Same here.

Not the same context.

I have a typo in my user name.

Typos happen... just try slow down and pay more attention as we normally don't do this.

Now I can neither edit it, nor delete my account.

Correct. That's not supported.

Admin team, please help

Granted since there was a please. This is your one and only change.

Either delete my account so that I can create a new one.

This never happens except under extreme cases.

Or allow me to correct my ID to rahulraj80 ('L' is missing).

Corrected for you since you didn't do too much on the site and I needed the practice. Yes I had to delete your script as that's not redirectable but did reupload it with the basic publishing stats and matches previously recorded OpenUserJS.hash of sha512-/piRmIzjuF3iMhMrQv1IwZmf2lwZ9FfkkCOdP5pxnL6kvvMQO+q1DnrbHsmUcNa+BZgdPe45/NKvF3D7FcCB8g==. Installation stats are lost.

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I think this is what you meant by:

... I had that from the Author Tools on the sidebar. It still shows the wrong URL.

Do this:

--- /scripts/alike03/Youtube_grey_out_watched/source@1.0+63356fa
+++ /scripts/alike03/Youtube_grey_out_watched/source
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 // @icon
 // @updateURL
 // @supportURL
-// @downloadURL
+// @downloadURL
 // @copyright   2021, alike03 (
 //@license     MIT
 // ==/UserScript==

We always read in the current URL in your source that you have. So you need to click the Regenerate some keys from the current editor source button to correct your incorrect value. That's a reason why the button exists.

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Re: @alike03:

... I had that from the Author Tools on the sidebar. It still shows the wrong URL.

No it doesn't. I just authed as you and it shows these:

// @updateURL
// @downloadURL

Might want to clear your browser cache in case your browser is doing something funky. Glad you have the correct value from the Author Tools now though.

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I just noticed you converted to GPL-3.0-or-later as well and already changed your Script Info. This closes this issue at this time.

I hope this gives you a good start on understanding FOSS from my previous comment.

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Re: @Bloggerpemula:

so what the standard licensing for not allow anyone to modify or sell it ?

Not under FOSS at all.

i try to remove the license line but i can't save it

Correct. That is why we are called "The home of FOSS user scripts.".

If you can't publish under these license base terms then you should delete the script and choose a different hosting site. If you can live with the requirements of requiring attribution on derivatives of the licensing and be a team player then keep the script here... with fixing your Script Info to reflect.

I would suggest that you do a little research on FOSS, starting perhaps with wikipedia to better understand the freedoms granted and more.

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FOSS licensing means anyone can upload/modify your script anywhere and potentially even sell provided they meet the terms of the standard licensing (MIT) terms. That includes attribution to you and open source Code which is what what the OS in FOSS stands for.

If you don't remove this requirement from your Script Info, we will remove you for licensing violations under the TOS.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation,

OUJS Admin

Re: @iFelix18:

Why is '' not supported?

Because it has never been necessary to declare with the implementation. @grant has never been required in or out of a sandbox for GM_info.


Correct the errors and you should be fine. If you check your Syncs nav bar tab you'll see that you have more than just those specific issues.

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You should probably fix this before it gets removed.

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Re: @jesus2099:

Maybe it's because I'm behind a very big company proxy, where thousand of people may share the same IP.

Nope. The moment you hit the page it increments the count. Although that can be a valid case until TPM usage becomes more prevalent in node. Until then it could happen if someone else is hitting the exact same route in your intranet i.e. you will have bad actors in your company which everyone there is responsible for. The route uses your unique username so it shouldn't do that... unless you have a bad actor in your company.

The feature is working as expected, been thought out for several years, and has been thoroughly tested. It is also how the limiters have worked since at least #944. As I mentioned on development there may be some allowances later on however I (we) don't work, live, breathe 24 hours a day here.

The final questions for you are:

  1. Do you think it's responsible for making an assumption that it is not working/is broken?
  2. Do you think it's the responsible thing to not use development instead using production? You have demonstrated in the past with other issues that you know where it is. i.e. you've already opened prior issues on development... Why change now when we've continually mentioned use Development through out the years?
  3. Do you think it's responsible if there was actually a security bug like you are purporting that you would blare it to the whole world with an assumption or would it make more sense to be more discrete and methodical like every other project out there?
  4. Do you think having to take time out of everyone's busy schedule (including mine) to address an assumption is going to make things better?
    I'm open to questions and suggestions but never assume unless you are sure.

Had you not been one of our seasoned Authors you would have easily been eligible for removal. I am giving you a learned experience instead of applying that. It's not like the history of these changes are hidden from anyone and those changes are continually being manipulated by the bad actors currently and mostly on Chinese, Vietnamese, and Bangladesh server areas (i.e. we know exactly where they are doing their dirty work) however we have to leverage the good with the bad.

There are consequences to adding security, or we can just let it go and you'll lose your free hosting when the site goes offline like USO did. Which do you think is the better choice?

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I let you in and you don't use Submit Code as Fork from Carrizo's script.

After a while you are eligible for removal for doing this.

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Impact assessment

The following were the affected scripts rebuilt from the log:

Specifically the DB, which is the metadata for when it was published, when it was updated was impacted. AWS, which is the source code, is still present on AWS. However if your script is missing in your script list (That would be you @Temm ) then it will be orphaned until you upload it again.

  1. Any new users that signed up between that period were lost.
  2. Any changes to Script Info between that period were lost.
  3. Any changes to Profiles between that period were lost.
  4. etc.

OUJS Admin

Had some data loss in the production database. Lost the corrupted data between the hours of ~2021 12 23 03:03 to approximately 2021 12 23 12:00 UTC to be exact.

Major Apologies... at least we had a very recent backup.

Not sure what was wrong... even the core restore didn't work and had to drop the entire DB to restore... which is not normal.


Please update your scripts if you did that between that period.

OUJS Admin


Could you please delete this thread?

He can't do that. Also you completely ignored the caution warning when you signed up, which has been there since July 9, 2014, and made the mistake that you need to live with.

Your attitude is poor and I might have considered editing the DB to your other typed in recently name (Starts with "p") however there are consequences for your ignoring warnings. So the only thing you should be aghast at is your inept action.

Apologies for the interruption @jscher2000

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Re: @Patabugen:

presumably because the @source URL no longer works

@source has never been a part of updating and is specific to Tampermonkey (TM). See what it aliases to at TM and equates to an "upmix" of @homepageURL. In your case on your most recent update with the most installs that could be a value of i.e. it is the homepage URL of the descriptive side of your presentation repository here on OUJS... but not the actual raw source Code itself. That is reserved for @updateURL and @downloadURL respectively. @updateURL is where it checks for an update, and @downloadURL is where it grabs the actual source if an update is available.

This is also okay (but not real helpful to your users) for @source since it has nothing to do with the updating system in the engines. It can be a visual display of the source Code but not the raw source Code.

// @source

This is just plain bugged and the route doesn't exist.

Does that mean that the ~1900 people with my script installed won't ever get another update without manually reinstalling?

If a Greasemonkey (GM) 3.x compatible engine is in a FAIL state then it is possible. I don't believe TM has the same issue but since he closed the source I'd have to go dig to find out for sure and deconstruct his code. As a safe bet for any .user.js engine always assume the "weakest" link which means possibly.

How can I work around this to push the updated @source URL so they continue to get updates?

See my previous reply and link. Not part of the update check and download source system.

The Author Tools, on each of your scripts, has been showing the usage of the updating system for quite some time (years or so) on what is "common" across all of the engines. i.e. you can select which type(s) (if available and mentioned from the FAQ) for both @updateURL and @downloadURL. Currently @downloadURL is optional but right now in lockdown @updateURL is not.

(as per a change in OpenUserJS I presume?)

Never been a change even before OUJS existed. @sizzle wrote the first updating back in the day with GM and @source has never been used. That is, again, reserved for the human side of the equation using HTML not .user.js.

So long explanation short... your misinterpretation of @source is possibly one cause (but not the only reason) of why we're in lockdown i.e. hopefully you understand the update check and download source keys better?

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