Kassbinette / Gaslands Roster


Version: 1.0.1+6f80545 updated

Summary: Enhance html gaslands roosters produced by battlescript. The script will execute on local HTML files identified as battlescript rosters. (on basis of the 'body.battlescribe' css class). to allow this script to execute enable files url in chrome extension manager : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9931115/run-greasemonkey-on-html-files-located-on-the-local-filesystem

Copyright: 2020, Kassbinette (https://openuserjs.org/users/Kassbinette)

License: MIT

19/07 /2021
Images could not be loaded after Web site has been shut down
An alternative has been set up --> Fixed

Fixed : detection of battlescribe rosters
See web page for more details on the usage

Breaking change : you will need the version 50+ of the BSD files to be able to use the plugin
The added functionalities include (in the BSR files) the computation of the crew members and the hull when modifications shoudl be applied
in the script : some functionnalities added like the management of the name of the vehicule

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