anveshak / Shadow Selection


Version: 2.0.5+fb4783d updated

Summary: Switch to an Awesome Shadow based text selection style for your browser. Works perfectly with almost all popular browsers. Easily edit the shadow color to any color of your choice.


Copyright: 2019, Anveshak

License: MIT

Change your browser Selection style to an awesome Shadow style.

System Requirements

  • Firefox users: Install the Greasemonkey extension from Mozilla Add-ons BEFORE installing this userscript.
  • Google Chrome users: Install the Tampermonkey extension from the Chrome store BEFORE installing this userscript.
  • Other Browsers: Due to the way this script monitors for dynamic changes in Google's Instant Prediction results, it is unlikely to work on other Greasemonkey-like extensions.

Questions and Problems

Please use the "Issues" link on the toolbar just below the Install button.


  • v2.0.4 - updated description and added support for more browsers (Opera, Safari, IE etc.)
  • v2 - tested and cleared bugs in Google Chrome browser
  • v1 - Initial release

Rating: 11

39 Votes