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Re: @grenzionky:

That's what:

// @supportURL

... in the UserScript metadata block is for.

Re: @ZugZwang:

... it says '$' is not defined...Can anybody help me with this?

jQuery is that. One of the @matches synchronously loads v2.1.1. Are you blocking their CDN for their custom jQuery?

I wonder why this script author didn't include a copy of jQuery of equivalent version in the UserScript metadata block in case it's removed or blocked. It's usually something like this:

// @require

... and near the top of the script after the metadata blocks:

this.$ = this.jQuery = jQuery.noConflict(true);

I can sort of figure out what you are saying after rereading this a few dozen times. have been fixed only Chrome can access to download files from these website

This is not true. I downloaded the file hosted there with Pale Moon.

i trying to change user agent to chrome in firefox but did't work

Try a clean profile in Firefox if you are having issues.

want to known how they block other browser is'nt chrome and have anyway to avoid block and access to download files without chrome ?

It is more likely a profile issue and/or your region where you live.

Most of this is beyond the scope of Userscripts.

Not a good idea to post download links to executables on a file sharing network. It has been sanitized. If you don't respond this will be considered signature spam. Not to mention the question is still a bit vague.

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In relation to the GDPR announcement we've clarified some existing policies already in the OUJS eco-system and mirrored to the TOS.

Please give the Fair Use Rationale section a quick read. It's short and to the point.

There may be additional clarifications for those who can't seem to understand things.

Re: @3jameo3:

If you could be so kind as to fix the highlighting problem that would appreciated...


... as well as inform whoever is in charge of bugs about it I would appreciate it very much.

That would be you in this case. A code fence is only applied if the code is pasted by the user into the text area first; then you highlight what is code; and then tap the </> button... otherwise it's inline code single surrounded back ticks. I usually find it easier just to type the triple back tick and the language I'm using after. We mention this at this FAQ. While the inline code multiline isn't detrimental to policy it does make it DOM single node heavy and difficult to read and parse when it's validated (try a DOM inspection sometime on a multi-line code block vs a fence sometime ;)

Apologies for going off topic here but trying to be a little helpful without seeming too obtrusive. :)

Just a miscellaneous note regarding this discussion topic. One of the goals of the GDPR is "Vulnerability Assessment".

Since my years here that's just about all I've done. Occasionally there is a new feature put in when I can do it. Same goes with other contributors and collaborators.

The GDPR does not specify exact security requirements, but makes it clear that normal and usual security actions MUST be in place to be in compliance.

We are already doing this continually. Target sites in the EU must comply with this themselves. e.g. if there is an exploit exposed on a particular site it is their responsibility to fix it on their site... not ours. It is a good idea for those sites to accept help, sometimes in private if it merits it rather than publicly, to fix their vulnerabilities just as we do.

As we have "preached" many times before the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are well formed and are the primary governing factor for most of our actions here. As I briefly stated earlier the integrity of OUJS will be maintained and there will not be any level of intimidation for demands accepted by any agent of the GDPR. Most of the time we don't even know who anyone is unless we're explicitly told and usually verified to the best of ability when needed.

Re: @3jameo3:
Guess you don't want syntax highlighting to assist the understanding for @twelve27 (or anyone else following) ... code fences are the ones that allow that not multi-line back ticks for inline code.

Re: @twelve27:

Fixed... and you thought no one was watching. ;) Try the Preview button out.

OUJS Admin

Webpack is obfuscation... post in the clear... this script is removed.

Please point your scripts @updateURL to the content from the Author Tools not the one that shows up in your .user.js engine template.

OUJS Admin

Re: @chmorik:

Announcing your script is not necessary especially in three forums. We do that already in the script Userscripts list. Usually you would only do this sort of thing in this forum if someone requested it as a response... not proactively pushing it.

If you do that again you'll be removed for spamming. The other two are deleted. This is your only warning.

OUJS Admin

Re: @jscher2000:

Could I suggest truncating the IP addresses sent to Google Analytics?

That sounds reasonable to me. This is a @sizzle exclusive thing so I'll have to run it by him. I never see that thing. I usually block it everywhere so I didn't even know this existed. Thanks mate! :)

While you may lose some precision in your geographic statistics, that level of detail may not be particularly relevant/useful anyway.

According to the image it's just one octet which again seems reasonable ... I am eventually going to be interested in how that reacts with IPv6 compatibility but that's probably way down the line.

Some of you may have heard about the EU laws regarding the GDPR. We already have very strict privacy policy so there may be a layer or more added.

Although jurisdiction is the United States for this server we are making an effort to incorporate some of the basics provided they do not compromise the integrity of OUJS.

  1. First thing you will notice, so far, is that there is a check box saying you consent to the TOS and Privacy Policy. This is already the case for existing users however to humor the EU law on their end we've added it as a mandatory action.

  2. If you are a GitHub user and are using the webhook you must pay us a visit and login to get that flag set on your account then the webhook will work as usual. If you don't pay us a visit the server will currently reject script updates.

It's simple so far... just check the box when logging in (preferably giving those documents a read too which you should have already done in the first place). Once this happens normal webhook operations will resume.

Apologies for any inconvenience including whatever else might be implemented later to participate.

OUJS Admin

Re: @DarKZonEDZ:

Please remember to do a code fence around your code blocks. An example exists at this FAQ. One has been added to your comment so it is readable.

Thank you,
OUJS Admin

It'd be great if there were some easily locatable documentation that spelled this all out.

Guess you didn't read the page here.

Re: @rosslh:

Will it continue updating to the code in the repo?

Only if you have the webhook setup on GH it should auto-sync a UserScript.

Should I change my update url to my github source?

Usually not if you have the webhook. But pay attention to the Announcements forum on occasion in case we require something specific in the script source e.g. don't just forget about visiting every once in a while. Have a read also here at your leisure.

Do I have to set up a webhook?

Usually it's a nice thing to have but not required.



Specific to your current script I would suggest adding @supportURL explained here in the UserScript Block so that your Issues go to GH like you mentioned in your Script Info page. Admin+ may also create issues here if it's a TOS violation, or the like, but I, personally, check and possibly submit at GH as well. e.g. visit us occasionally. :)

Re: @ladroop:

Appreciate your taking the time to address this. Thanks. Seems to be working well at your current revision.

GM is going through some growing pains with Fx... one would hope that Moz will proceed with their updates and allow GM to do what it is supposed to.

Re: @ladroop:

I usually am doing other things but confirmed in SM with NoScript blocking domain. Go to any home page that has locked images/videos and you will see the locks visible since script execution is blocked by the error. The script also seems to not support GM4 at this time:

Here's a possibility on how you can fix these (tried to match your indentation style with the diff ignoring whitespace changes but probably failed ;):

--- a.user.js    2018-05-15 21:04:27.708858472 -0600
+++ b.user.js    2018-05-15 21:04:00.910999467 -0600
@@ -345,6 +345,10 @@

 // after clean up set spy/private/group price in the profile

+    // Test for GM4
+    var win = window.wrappedJSObject ? window.wrappedJSObject : window;
+    if (win.defchat_settings){
     if (document.getElementById('einfo')){
@@ -352,13 +356,13 @@
-    spyprc=window.defchat_settings.spy_price;
-    pvtprc=window.defchat_settings.private_price;
-    grpprc=window.defchat_settings.group_price;
-    noexhib=window.defchat_settings.allow_tipping;
+      spyprc=win.defchat_settings.spy_price;
+      pvtprc=win.defchat_settings.private_price;
+      grpprc=win.defchat_settings.group_price;
+      noexhib=win.defchat_settings.allow_tipping;
-        topictxt="<dt>Last Roomtopic:</dt><dd>"+decodeURIComponent(window.defchat_settings.default_subject)+"</dd>";
+          topictxt="<dt>Last Roomtopic:</dt><dd>"+decodeURIComponent(win.defchat_settings.default_subject)+"</dd>";

     spytxt="<dt>Spy:</dt><dd>"+spyprc+" Tkns/Min.</dd>";
@@ -385,7 +389,10 @@"einfo";
     pnod.insertBefore(nnod, rnod.nextSibling);

-    }
+    }else{
+        // Domain script blocked by NoScript or equivalent
+        // Do not block script execution
+    }    }

     function blockelm(tag){
         image = container.getElementsByTagName(tag);

See also:

Re: version 1.0+709432d at line #16.

May want to put // @grant GM_addStyle in the UserScript metadata block to enable this section of code.