I usually don't release beta cross-streams of Greasemonkey (GM) before everyone at Addons Mozilla.Org (AMO) has a chance to fully review upstream changes but it seems to be gaining the necessity to do this at this time and does currently apply to the shop here at OUJS.

We will try Anthonys method of checking for updates. The way I am understanding the methodology currently is that it tries to pick the .meta.js first of any site... then if it fails, ever, it will always use full script source with .user.js until changed in the config.xml... unless a hosting service utilizes the request header for meta retrieval. This procedure can, of course, still be overridden with @updateURL and @downloadURL

An additional fix in these also include the full fix for greasemonkey/greasemonkey#1884 and greasemonkey/greasemonkey#1924. Someone might want to tell them. ;)

File Repos:

Match most of current GM changes in beta prc greasemonkey-2.0beta1.0.1rc1pre-fx.xpi with one major exception... minVersion for FF is still set to 27+ since 30 is not in release status yet... it's still best to use current FF release in case the beta has a last minute blocking correction. Also usoFix is still in effect just in the odd chance that it may come back online. :\

File Repos:

P.S. rather than make a bazillion Discussion Topics here on OUJS I've version neutralized the name to not include the versioning... please check back here on occasion for updates or just use the SF RSS feed for both projects in your favorite feed reader.

SeaMonkey (SM) users heads up for Greasemonkey Port (GM Port)

I had to cherry pick up to the current greasemonkey/greasemonkey@4ea165f and omit the following commits during testing:

Affected issue ticket is greasemonkey/greasemonkey#1937

Author reported Step to Reproduce (STR):

  • Installed the mentioned script there.
  • Visit a site that is included in that script currently
  • Reported error does not appear to be exhibited in SeaMonkey 2.26 and 2.26.1
  • Confirmation about Anthonys statement but using SeaMonkey of:

    Though I can't reproduce quite the error described.

What this may mean:

  • The current patch in those commits may be incorrect.
  • SeaMonkey release may need an update to match Firefox release code.
  • The great unknown e.g. something else missed.

What this ultimately means since I am the remaining maintainer of GM Port, since Philip seems to have gone off the GM map, is that rather than pollute the slavestep branch with a strong veer of a major GM API method... I am going to wait and see what happens. It is possible to cherry pick all the other commits for 2.1beta1 and they seem to check out okay in SeaMonkey.

Please remember to try things out in Firefox + Greasemonkey (optionally on SourceForge) and if they don't work report on GitHub GM. I am always paying attention for GM Port and will try, as much as possible, any clear STRs for SM.

Greasemonkey Port is available. The affected issue with GM_xmlhttpRequest tests okay here. Available on across-stream repo. Please note new minVersion is 2.29 for SeaMonkey.

Greasemonkey Port is available. Finally had some spare time to do this.

Any plans on moving this off SourceForge given the malware scandal?

At the very least, it would be good to sign the extension so users can verify it hasn't been tampered with.

Re: @ccd0:

Any plans on moving this off SourceForge...?

Not at this time or near future. Verify your sources always. I've been educating this community for almost a decade now and everyone still needs this reminder. GitHub has one with octicons right now but it doesn't mean that it's a "scandal"... it is reported in github/octicons#45 and not sensationalized. Thanks for the report though.

it would be good to sign the extension so users can verify it hasn't been tampered with.

That is a Firefox only requirement and doesn't give any extra security benefit. The SeaMonkey Council is the one responsible for determining forced signing. Btw this is the end of this subject here as I won't be drawn into a debate about is signing good or not... there are other places for that (such as here) in which adults may discuss how they want everyone to give up their actual freedom for perceived security.

Some miscellaneous notes here about newer version requests...

  • SeaMonkey (SM), to my knowledge, doesn't support e10s yet... nor do I expect them to anytime soon. Timeline wise we're possibly looking at well over a year is a guesstimate... unless notified in a status meeting (archives).
  • With all the foobars that the Fx team is doing right now I applaud Anthony for trying to keep things up to date in upstream Greasemonkey (GM).
  • I still haven't decided if I want to open an issue tracker myself and the others are just as busy.
  • If you are having issues with a GM API function and can provide cross-reference to a working script in Fx I will make an attempt to retest it in SM (preferably reduced test case otherwise I may not have time for it)... no guarantees ... (One known issue is GM_listValues which hasn't worked in newer SMs and would require a major rewrite in non-e10s and a strong veer from the near parallel fork architecture which is beyond the scope of this port at this time)... buzz me on GitHub (GH), for now, under your UserScripts repo and I'll see what I can or can't do. This doesn't mean that I will write your script for you and I most certainly don't care to sign up on a bazillion other sites. :)
  • Please remember Greasemonkey Port (GM Port) repo is still Beta and typically comes with all the bugs/features that the corresponding GM version had/has for that upstream version.
  • I'm also a developer/admin here for OUJS and that takes a lot of my free time.

Thanks so much for your looooooooooooong term patience with this. e.g. this port is at a frozen state for the time being.

NOTE: Restored from search engine cache and augmented.

Greasemonkey Port is available now. Tested all core examples with the GM_* API and they work now.

New minVersion is 2.38 as I am outta time to do regression tests in older versions... not to mention SM 2.38 is really nice and I don't want to look back. ;)

Apparently e10s is a shim and not required at the moment... which anyone is welcome to inform me if I have a misunderstanding in the future. Pending Admin and development duties here I'll attempt to spend a little more time over there.

Enjoy! :)

Greasemonkey Port (SeaMonkey only) is available now at the SF file repo.

This addresses the drag-and-drop even install skipping which is backed-out from GM upstream work-around that was also starting to show with direct installs here on OUJS. Thanks to janekptacijarabaci for contributing.

Greasemonkey Port is available now at the SF file repo.

Notable additions and changes from GM peer:

  • The inclusion of a patch to prevent the add-on from hitting the site more than once on non-200 status codes (download rejections e.g. busy, too many requests, etc.). This is currently an issue with GM but handled in this port as a patch.
  • Fx Sync is disabled by initial install as SM has some issues with account creation. If you really need to toggle this, probably just for testing purposes, please go to about:config?filter=extensions.greasemonkey.sync.enabled.
  • Unbranded some Fx strings. These localizations are approximate however duly verified... albeit perhaps not grammatically correct since I don't read/write all of these supported languages. Babelzilla translations don't seem to be all that accurate imho.

happy to join your community, thank you guys for useful information!

Re: @ted90:

Thanks... but if we see signature spam again that has no relation to UserScripts your account will be eligible for removal. Please do not do this a third time. Please re-read the TOS link at the bottom of every page... it is quite clear.

Okay folks... we're going to try a rc2 here to modify GM to handle some of the status codes we still handle normally e.g. 429's mainly but a few others. This does not address the caching issue that GM upstream enforced back in 2014. That will come after some thorough testing around the web hopefully with some help.

Greasemonkey Port is available now at the SF file repo.

If you have any issues on other sites with status codes please let me know and you can reinstall Greasemonkey Port if you want to revert.

Greasemonkey Port is available now at the SF file repo.

This turns off the skipping the browser cache so 429's shouldn't happen when OUJS is updated shortly in sequence. Also new em:minVersion is SeaMonkey 2.40 or better.

Are there any plans to update the GreaseMonkey port for Seamonkey, which I understand is developed by one of the admins here, Marti Martz? The latest release of the port is for GreaseMonkey, which is about four years old, whereas the latest release of GreaseMonkey proper is 4.10. I suspect that the modern user scripts that I'm running may not be functioning very well due to running on a very old version of GreaseMonkey.

If there are no plans by the original developer to continue maintaining the port, perhaps he might provide or point to some documentation on what's involved in preparing the ports? If it's not too much work, and doesn't require too many skills that I don't already have, then maybe I could help out.

Re: @Logological:

You've been moved the appropriate discussion.

I suspect that the modern user scripts that I'm running may not be functioning very well due to running on a very old version of GreaseMonkey.

We wouldn't know because you just signed up. If they are asynchronous then probably not i.e GM.whatever vs GM_whatever. A lot depends on what happens with SM as they crawl towards wherever they are headed. If they venture towards WebExtensions then GM actual, TM, or VM will be favored most likely. GM Port can only crawl as fast as its charter and SM actual changes.

If there are no plans by the original developer to continue maintaining the port

See above for the status of this branding. You may of course fork it, maintaining exact licensing and credits, but with a different branding if you want TM like features or the less adopted GM.whatever API... however it would not be wise to ignore the linkage from SM status meetings as well as here.

A lot of time will be needed because there are way too many variables on the playing field. If you are looking to see if it's abandoned... it is not.

OK, thanks for the information. SeaMonkey still does not support WebExtensions, and as far as I know there are no immediate plans for SeaMonkey to adopt it, which is why I have been using the Greasemonkey Port. I don't know much about Electrolysis (e10s) and to what extent it's supported in the current version of SeaMonkey; there seems to be precious little discussion of this matter in the SeaMonkey minutes and the SeaMonkey Bugzilla. It could be that it is already supported (since the latest SeaMonkey shares the same backend as Firefox 60.6 from last year) but that nobody bothered to announce this. If e10s is the only technical issue holding back further development of the port, then I can try to find out whether and to what extent SeaMonkey supports e10s and if there are any plans regarding it.

Greasemonkey Port is available now at the SF file repo.

This fixes an inconsistent compatibility issue introduced with SM 2.53.14 through 2.53.16 with the locale preventing management and general usage failure... some SM preferences were renamed/missing but not in all SM locales which is very odd. em:minVersion remains the same i.e. SeaMonkey 2.40 or better.