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Re: @kalbr_stoyn:

TOS Violation. You shouldn't be posting code in a comment without a reason written in text. Not to mention no markdown code fence.


Yandex Browser with Protect v21.8.3 (Sep 27, 2021 Build 112) has "⋮ -> Settings -> Extension Catalog" which is where Violentmonkey (VM) and Tampermonkey (TM) get installed to for me at the moment. Last time I checked TM didn't install but now it does here.

Typically you go to the Chrome Store in Yandex Browser with Protect and install your choice of .user.js engine since Yandex browser is Chromium based. Only have one enabled at a time though.

Alright... try it now... did a work-around until I can dive into it much deeper to see what is tripping the server. Worked for me on development.

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Hmmm this is a deep bug:

Error: aborted
    at connResetException (node:internal/errors:691:14)
    at TLSSocket.socketCloseListener (node:_http_client:407:19)
    at TLSSocket.emit (node:events:402:35)
    at TLSSocket.emit (node:domain:475:12)
    at node:net:672:12
    at TCP.done (node:_tls_wrap:580:7) {
  code: 'ECONNRESET'

... has to do with our request dependency and @icon validation. I just backed out latest node in development that I did and TM vulnerability check as well... no change.

Give me a little more time and I'll see if I can work-around it. Thanks for your patience.

You may have to logout of OUJS and GH and relogin to re-validate whatever https token is generated by the browser.

Not entirely sure what is going on there. The URL you mentioned works for me.

You are welcome and you too.

Btw I'm @Martii on GH so that's referencing someone else. The nick I usually use, which is here on OUJS, was already taken back in the day.

In short don't forget to undo your GH profile change. :)

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Your auths should now be flipped. Please login at your convenience.

OUJS Admin

No... the URL entry on your profile so I can validate that you have command of the GH account.

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Can you remove this account...

No but...

... and link my Github account to my older account (without the trailing s) ?

On GitHub since there is a validated trail from OUJS to GH on that script of:

... with @homepageURL and internally of the singular persona... I can flip the auths... however you have to temporarily do something to your GH profile:

  1. Edit the GitHub profile at and temporarily change the URL to your current plural entity here on OUJS.
  2. Let me know here so I can confirm it.
  3. Logout of OUJS (Sign Out) and don't attempt to login until you hear back from me here.
  4. I'll do the necessary work to flip your auths and then let you know.
  5. After that you may rechange your GH profile URL back to its original.

If you don't do this exactly then it won't happen.

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This is currently the earliest copy that can be found of this script.

If anyone decides to fork it... please use this scripts source page, make your changes, then click "Submit Code as Fork".

If anyone fails to do this the accounts associated are very eligible for removal... and some already have been.

Please abide by the TOS regarding this matter.

Thank you for your cooperation.

OUJS Admin.

Re: @Kevin_Kelly:

This is your only warning. Please do not violate the TOS with posting script source only in a comment and without a named code fence. Presuming the discussion topic is correct the highlighting language name code is tex otherwise if it is js use that.

Do it again and the TOS default action will be applied. Closing issue.

You also improperly forked this script. Please use the script source on this scripts source page and click "Submit Script as Fork" in the future. It has been corrected. Again this is your only warning.

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Re: @birkett83:

Try it without the minification routines i.e.

// @require
// @require
// @require

Your version of Tampermonkey (TM) may be utilizing SRI and the jsdelivr server might not be well tweaked for that just yet or vice versa.

In any case TM issues is where you might get more in-depth answers for that .user.js engine.

Re: @GreenLunar:

"[Event Listener] Easy and efficient way to catch data generated upon event"

Is this discussion subject a statement or are you asking a question?

Assuming a question, based off what you said (some buzz words detected) of:

Yet, the following code is generated only on Event

... means one should probably be using a MutationObserver to detect changes in the DOM and probably attempting to run the .user.js as soon as possible with @run-at in the UserScript metadata block. How you parse the DOM fragments is up to you at that point.


Regarding your inquiry... you missed the window of opportunity especially with the original 1.0 deprecation announcement.

Read everything in this discussion and what it links to as well. Since you didn't leave me enough breadcrumbs to validate your old identity I can't merge you.

I would suggest on your new account that you mention something in your profile about your old one... although, again, nothing to validate the old account is actually yours.

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You do realize I have enough to remove this script and yourself for Copyright infringement by not giving credit for this work.

Since this script is clearly a derivative of it you should have done that and because it is a lot of code I'm more inclined to give credibility that you may have inserted some custom code into here. You should @require that GH links source and then add whatever changes in this script.

Depending on how, and if you respond, to this I may have to take the default action for this.

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Re: @theundeadwolf0:

Yes a lot of people do care and don't work on a TOS violation yourself as you may be removed if you continue this sort of behaviour.

Re: @Bogudan:

Granted. In the meantime to prevent spurious responses like @theundeadwolf0 please stick to flagging only.

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You need to divulge transferring private information on the Script Info page to your custom API or else you'll be removed again.

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Re: @WildLion:

... It's the only way. ...

... if possible

Not possible as I already mentioned. You are out of luck at this time.

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Ask GH to rename you. It's the only way. Otherwise you get to create another OUJS account here and lose any stats.

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