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Alright.. think I found the issue. Love Unicode sometimes (sarcasm).

Try it now.

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Re: @gyakkun:

If it's due to upstream dependency update, maybe rollback to a previous version is a good idea?


However both of you haven't given me any concrete links to the issue... however I guessed that @gyakkun changed some source recently and encountered it from the image included... and I can replicate on unminified code.

This shouldn't be happening ever... I will look into it more shortly.

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This is obfuscated code... which means it could be malware. I would suggest that you uninstall it for sure as it is going away.

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Re: @Anakunda:

some library sources are cut before end especially if fetched as library.min.js.

If you think it's a bug then it should be on Development not here.

Re: @Anakunda:

Just fetching the raw source is broken.

Semi-colons can be removed since terser defaults at that version may be configured that way. i.e. we don't do it... it's an upstream issue. We are also using terser@v4.x due to incompatibilities with terser@v5.x... so if there's an error don't use it or find some other possibly shorter workaround similar to the one you've mentioned in your code to get the result you want. i.e. we can't do anything about it especially here on Production instead of Development. You would also most likely be redirected to upstream anyhow. Btw some of our served .js for the site itself doesn't exhibit your behavior because it's working without your "work-around". i.e. we (you, me, the dog/cat, etc.) all would know instantly. bootstrap-markdown.js here on OUJS is one of many examples compared to it's native source there. It would appear from the lack of trailing closing square bracket and semicolon in your latest library update (without your comment block) that it is a terser error.

As a general rule of thumb also check your device(s) for malware, corruption of storage media or memory (ran into several machines that requires exact CPU MHz specs used instead of what was advertised in their XMP/EXPO/equivalent... segmentation faults specifically which are rare when there should be none), if your ISP is preventing you from doing something, and of course a clean browser profile and other non-chromium based browser.

OUJS Admin.

P.S. We have a special key for edge cases that don't have a work-around so you can let others know about a possible code incompatibility. See here.

Re: @adamlui:

Pointing out what I believe to be a glitch

No... assuming it was a glitch is another of your errors when it was clearly user error with the casing.

Yet many other scripts (including my previous commit) pass validation with lower cases

That's because the correct SPDX short identifier was used in most cases... unlike your user error. Enforcement of correct SPDX codes was done after a few years of abuse which is why Reeks is arbitrated to MIT. The community at large disagrees with your incorrect assessment.

but the smarter idea is remove case sensitivity

It would not be smarter and the fourth bullet at is what you are treading dangerously close to. Don't be snarky and admit you made a mistake like we all do at some point (a thank you would have been appropriate as well). If you continue the passive-agressive behavior we will apply the default TOS action.

I don't need a faster response,...

You were helped you should be grateful not snarky. This is your only warning.

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Re: @adamlui:

My script fails to sync from github when using @license mit as a metadata

See the incorrect commit and license change at your repo.

MIT @license wrongly fails validation due to 'not OSI primary'

Rightly fails validation because usually that SPDX short identifier is all uppercase. This is also how it is shown at and .

Make the fix to your source and please try to be a little more courteous when creating a post here. As I have continually said if you think there is a site issue Development (the link at the bottom of every page) is usually the place to get a faster response. If it is truly a site issue then we can work on it over there.

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This maintenance is completed... there will be more at some point.

Sometime in the next 96 hours a backup and migration is scheduled (depending on time available). Status will be, as usual, reflected on Development with a topic label which is usually towards the right/top of the page.

Thanks for your patience.

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Re: @Mayriad:

Here's a relevant response from derjanb that we've been going off of (and the rest of the topic). There are more instances elsewhere on his issue tracker but the overall perceived responses is that TM, and their users, doesn't really like the asynchronous GM 4.x API all that much. If derjanb were to clearly indicate support for this in his documentation then we can add it... until it's more official our hands are tied. It is a very easy addition on our end but their end requires wording/supporting it outright instead of "shadowing" GM 4.x. The only reason we support some of the extended GM objects is because VM has it outright listed here and of course GM proper.

I think the userscript scene is moving quite slowly, so I have no idea when it will be documented.

Go bug 'em on a new documentation type issue. You might want to reference the response over there so we can all get a little clearer picture on what TM's intentions are as of late.

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Re: @Mayriad:

Let's start with what .user.js engine supports this... i.e. We need verified public syntax documentation.

GM nor TM, and VM seems to document it:

So until it's full publicly documented/supported then we can make a decision on that on Development.

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--- /scripts/jaidedctrl/Nitter_Redirect/source@+cca1470
+++ /scripts/jaidedctrl/Nitter_Redirect/source
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 // @description  Redirect Twitter to Nitter
 // @author       jaidedctrl
 // @license      GPL-3.0-or-later;
-// @match        *://**
+// @match        *://**
 // @run-at       document-start
 // ==/UserScript==

... makes it valid @match syntax from the standard documentation.

It is a good idea to correct this so the script rating doesn't fall.

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Re: @macheteYeti:

You proposed a change only to @updateURL but this indicates I might need to do something else with @downloadURL as well?

Nope. However VM handles updating when @downloadURL is absent it doesn't seem to do an update in the logic either. It should default to the install source for both of those keys... but then there is your issue of it not doing the 2nd call to get full source... and the final return.

Appreciate all your help in debugging this.

Welcome and thank you for all you've done.

but you seem relatively frustrated with my choice of forum.

Nope... listing that as a consequence (hands tied here) of not being able to fully assist you with the time allotted...

But I did also post on VM's GitHub.

... however that helps. Subscribed.

Re: @macheteYeti:

That's the meta routine alright.

Are you able to offer any insights based on this info?

Also reexamined a bit deeper with the Violentmonkey (VM) code at violentmonkey/violentmonkey/blob/6098f9e/src/background/utils/update.js#L101-L104 and that appears to be the culprit. It seems to be not doing a second call to get the full source data and just does a return of what it first retrieved from us (just the meta) with the text/x-userscript-meta header... which is highly probable why it's getting "truncated" by your .user.js engine.

Try this instead and report back:

--- /scripts/macheteYeti/[LWAF]_Open_Saved_Searches_Hide/source@7+9ee99d6
+++ /scripts/macheteYeti/[LWAF]_Open_Saved_Searches_Hide/source
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 // @require
 // @require
 // @downloadURL[LWAF]_Open_Saved_Searches_Hide.user.js
-// @updateURL[LWAF]_Open_Saved_Searches_Hide.user.js
+// @updateURL[LWAF]_Open_Saved_Searches_Hide.meta.js
 // @author       macheteYeti
 // @description  Opens AC saved searches & hide recently active
 // @grant       GM_addStyle

... to see what VM is going to do with it next update cycle.

not seeing an edit button.

That's what the Preview button is for. Also more than likely imgur doesn't allow hot linking so the URL is the the best option.

To reiterate the importance of opening an issue like this on GitHub development (the link at the bottom of every page here on OUJS) I would have been able to summon gera2ld or tophf to the issue so they could look into it further. Since you chose here... you get to do this all over again on VM's repo with an issue there if you want your @updateURL and @downloadURL styling to not change.

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Re: @macheteYeti:

so I am not sure that if I documented it the next time it occurred that you would be available to investigate.

Yes then it can narrow down the UTC time in the logging and/or any other patterns that may emerge. Don't try to guess what is useful and what isn't here just yet.

I also just checked Violenmonkey code and it appears to be correct as well for the text/x-userscript-meta albeit your symptoms described are the opposite which is a use case that can't happen in normal circumstances. When that "partial" meta comes through capture it for your script and paste it in a code fence. If you want to potentially rule out a browser/extension caching issue with text/x-userscript-meta then please use the .meta.js routine described here. I've also seen alternate DNS providers (Cloudflare, etc) and/or proxies strip or even add headers, ignore headers, etc.... so perhaps this could be a choice for you.

I'm not sure any of my users would eagerly reinstall a browser to debug this

If it's profile corruption then create another profile and test it there with only the basics. i.e. no other extensions except the .user.js engine of choice with default settings. If it's browser corruption then there is no other choice.

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Re: @macheteYeti:

For about a week we've been struggling with script updates.

What scripts to test against?

When the user clicks the install button, the script is truncated and only some of the meta lines are visible.

Working completely for me on your most recently updated script. Again what scripts?

I believe this must be some kind of OpenUserJS outage

Nothing in the error logs and is working for the tests that I just ran.

so I am hoping someone has some insights on how to ensure this does not happen

Tell your users to try a clean profile. Chrome itself bombed on several Windows machines recently and had to be reinstalled from scratch. Fx is having some issues elsewhere as well with some other sites.

In short nothing detected here. If you can give a solid steps to reproduce we'll look into it... otherwise the dreaded "Works for Me" stands for the moment with the vagueness you've given here. Ideally this should have been on development as an issue not production here... but I was doing my daily routines and saw this.

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Re: @sjehuda:

Request to correct group name

That's the way the group was created albeit very messy.

After I do some checking in a while, it's on my TODO list to check to help assist publishers from making this sort of foo (whether intentional or not)... however it is not a huge priority.

Btw you seem to be not the creator so you shouldn't really be requesting a name change... but instead use the Development link, at the bottom of every page, and create an issue on GitHub (GH) on why you think it should be changed. I'll consider it over there along with my perpetual thinking on how to improve groups (and the site) when time is available. Your request will get lost here for possible DB changes.

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Re: @rahulraj80:

Btw just a mention the party that installed your script (if it wasn't you) will not be able to autoupdate their installation of your newer script releases since your path to it changed with the typo correction.

OUJS Admin

Re: @rahulraj80:

Same here.

Not the same context.

I have a typo in my user name.

Typos happen... just try slow down and pay more attention as we normally don't do this.

Now I can neither edit it, nor delete my account.

Correct. That's not supported.

Admin team, please help

Granted since there was a please. This is your one and only change.

Either delete my account so that I can create a new one.

This never happens except under extreme cases.

Or allow me to correct my ID to rahulraj80 ('L' is missing).

Corrected for you since you didn't do too much on the site and I needed the practice. Yes I had to delete your script as that's not redirectable but did reupload it with the basic publishing stats and matches previously recorded OpenUserJS.hash of sha512-/piRmIzjuF3iMhMrQv1IwZmf2lwZ9FfkkCOdP5pxnL6kvvMQO+q1DnrbHsmUcNa+BZgdPe45/NKvF3D7FcCB8g==. Installation stats are lost.

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I think this is what you meant by:

... I had that from the Author Tools on the sidebar. It still shows the wrong URL.

Do this:

--- /scripts/alike03/Youtube_grey_out_watched/source@1.0+63356fa
+++ /scripts/alike03/Youtube_grey_out_watched/source
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 // @icon
 // @updateURL
 // @supportURL
-// @downloadURL
+// @downloadURL
 // @copyright   2021, alike03 (
 //@license     MIT
 // ==/UserScript==

We always read in the current URL in your source that you have. So you need to click the Regenerate some keys from the current editor source button to correct your incorrect value. That's a reason why the button exists.

OUJS Admin

Re: @alike03:

... I had that from the Author Tools on the sidebar. It still shows the wrong URL.

No it doesn't. I just authed as you and it shows these:

// @updateURL
// @downloadURL

Might want to clear your browser cache in case your browser is doing something funky. Glad you have the correct value from the Author Tools now though.

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I just noticed you converted to GPL-3.0-or-later as well and already changed your Script Info. This closes this issue at this time.

I hope this gives you a good start on understanding FOSS from my previous comment.

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