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Re: @sjehuda:

The numbers are soaring, despite the message I have posted. What should I do?

If I were a new user and saw your version vs the other accounts version... I'd say... hmmm yours seems to look newer so try yours...

In a plain, blunt, evaluation... your scripts @version is 2.6 and your source mentions 2.7 ... and the transferred is at 2.1 ... i.e. it was poorly maintained by both accounts. If I were to use it, I would see that and down vote both scripts for lack of consistency.

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Re: @sjehuda:

May I remove the following text?

I've already commented on this above. What you do with informing your users is yours to address.

I've also discovered that my distro's snap is seriously out of date for Falkon. Using the flatpak now which includes the GreaseMonkey extension. Updated our target Falkon about page to reflect this. Yes your script works on Falkon 24.02.1 here.

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Re: @sjehuda:

I hope it is approvable.

Under you should put something like you just wrote with the "every page" addition to number 1:

  1. The scripts checks for SWF elements on every web page;
  2. Once an SWF element has been detected, a bar would show up;
  3. Once the bar is clicked upon, the script would load Ruffle (from CDN).

Nicely done on part 3 btw.

You should also put an example test url (which you provided above) but on the main page of the script saying something like "Try it at ...".

If you let the user what is going to happen and what to do to test it then I can clear the flag and this will be relisted.

Please remember that you are the Author and they may not fully know much about JavaScript so in plain language lay out what your script does. If they do know JavaScript they could be ready to evaluate the script as well after trying to get it to work... but if someone doesn't know what it does (a starting point) then they'll just skip you or down vote because it won't work for them since you didn't provide a "Unit Test" URL.

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P.S. It works for me under current Firefox with the example URL. I still have the issue of my distro's Falkon being too old compared to yours and snap (with the newer one) doesn't include GreaseMonkey (i.e. they crippled it). So testing in Falkon probably won't occur for me.

Misc note: You are welcome to use instead of the eagle Unicode character (use width and height attribute on a html img tag to do this). This is a permanent member of our GH CDN of images because of the about page we provide for Falkon.

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Re: @sjehuda:

Could it be ...

All that is currently available is Open Discussion notices ... Log in... go to your and look for the orange comment bubble with ellipsis and a number to check.

Other notifications haven't been developed/contributed by anyone (and you know this already because you created the RSS feed one which is over on Development).

Pardon for posting it publicly.

Everything is public here usually. Please remember that some things not everyone wants to see. If they do then there is discussions. Choose wisely including on your "Merge"... this issues. I'm interpreting those as one of your personal TODO list issues... if you asked us to do it we would probably say "no" (or possibly ignore it) just like the unlisting request. Self sufficiency with the tools available.

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Re: @sjehuda:

As I have previously mentioned unlisting may happen when Flagged. This is not a Author owner choice. All scripts are public unless there is an ongoing issue and the system decides to unlist it. If it hits the Admin+ TODO list then it usually gets addressed, sometimes with permanent removal.

Please unlist this userscript until it is resolved.

I also mentioned elsewhere that self sufficiency is the goal with the available tools. So no... you are capable of deleting your script if you choose that path. If you leave it on here you are asking for people to give it peer review i.e. rate it or flag it. That's how publishing works. If someone tries it and it doesn't work they are well within their rights to down vote it. Flagging would be a bit much though unless it was doing something that you didn't divulge it was supposed to do in the Script Edit Info page and @description.

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Re: @sjehuda:

May I postpone this task, and if yes, then for how long?

No you may not. If it doesn't work keep it locally. The only way to clear the Flag is to either fix it, or delete it and you may reupload when it does work... else we'll remove it, usually permanently. Your should be sufficient to reference what you need back when you do figure it out. Because you are in the proverbial basket right before the chopping block and I'm the executioner of it... if I don't feel that you are responding in a timely manner I'll take the necessary action. As I mentioned before you've been given extra opportunity to correct this.

An example page could be this

That would be a nice addition to the "Edit Script Info" page as well as a @match provided it's going to be around for a long time.

The following code...

  • Have you tried removing the @require since it appears to be duplicate code from when I started this issue? i.e. manually inject but not twice.
  • Have you tried forcing load at the load event or DOMContentLoaded event?
  • Some .user.js engines also may have a specific metadata block key that controls when a script gets injected. Usually it's @run-at ¹ ² ³ but can be affected by other engines such as Tampermonkey using @sandbox but I previously mentioned controlling it forced for possible better global compatibility.
  • Have you confirmed that you don't have a "running too quickly issue"? i.e. even though it's not preferred there is setTimeout to check at last case analysis... but usually preferred is some MutationObserver.
  • Something else...

OUJS Admin

You still are:

includes/matches too widely

... and you are still:

inappropriate to inject everywhere and yet do nothing.

with the remaining @require.

I'm giving you time because you are asking.

I'm going to spell it out for you.

  • You should not inject a script into every page unless the user requests it and is fully informed before installation... typically in their .user.js engine (Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, etc.) by their own hand or by a request to you to have it covered somewhere specific. There are some exceptions for top/down button scripts but they also don't usually inject foreign, out of your control, code.
  • You should improve the @description when finished and also with saying how, exactly, to use this with your "Edit script info" page.
  • You should provide an example web page that it works on and for now use that as a @match and/or @include instead of every web page.

OUJS Admin

Several things.

  1. Anyone, including management can see your own issues are on your script... very rarely do you need to bug the general public forums. The Help making ruffle to work is fine... but not this one because we could have easily just been here. This is how the system currently works.
  2. Check your issues first before you create something that you already had answer to. This issue will be closed shortly and the vague issue I created will be resumed in due time.
  3. Do not ask if something can be deleted or renamed... if one us chooses to correct a typo it's pretty rare. The current goal is for you to have self sufficiency by previewing your work and living with any mistakes that may show up. Everyone makes mistakes... take more time to preview.
  4. When a script is flagged, YES it can be unlisted until resolved or can immediately be removed by an Admin or up.

Again I am not going to address the (possible) solution here but in the discussion I created earlier.

OUJS Admin

This script is incredibly vague and includes/matches too widely. Secondly the external host is at a tipping point for obfuscation. It's interesting that some are trying to get Flash back but inappropriate to inject everywhere and yet do nothing.

This is your 2nd strike btw... more than most people get.

Please fix the script so it doesn't get flagged again and you will be removed for TOS violations.

OUJS Admin

You should be swapped now. Please login using the original user name at your convenience.

OUJS Admin

I usually wouldn't respond to this sort of rant because there is no actual question presented here yet... but...

I found two breadcrumbs, that if you prove the account is yours, then I can swap the authorizations.

  1. If you can demonstrate that you have delete control of one of your images from imgur from this script that would be a positive affirmation.
  2. Temporarily change your profile description or add some sort of comment (with your usernames here and my username) over there with GF that is referenced at this script that would also be a positive affirmation.

You will need to let me know here when to look and wait for me to respond. Otherwise fork your own scripts.

As far as your rant goes... go blame E.M. for that, not us. Reminder of etiquette please.

OUJS Admin


Validation has to occur starting here on OUJS and if you can't do that then unfortunately it's orphaned.

OUJS Admin


If you can prove that you have some mastery of that old account... say by deleting the imgur picture that is included on that script on imgur (don't forget to save it for when you get restored on proving success) which will reflect on the scripts homepage here... then I can merge your new account auth into the old one.

You will need to let me know here to check back on it. This appears to be your only option btw from a scan of the other account. If you are unable to do this then the account is probably orphaned and you'll be left with forking the script to the new account.

OUJS Admin

Re: @kevinpan.cs12:

I failed to receive that notification due to reasons unknown.
I really have no idea what's identified as obfuscation, too.

Search my Comments under my account around mid July for the old username... and you'll see the reason here and the linkage back to where GH account was clearly notified. OUJS notifications one just has to pay attention atm but GH has email notifications and unread notifications for those. So there were clear notifications... again not required.

too late to say it, right?

Too late to save it is what I guess you mean. If so yes.

Is it possible to recreate an account with that username?

Probably but mitigation will include observance of the prior account activities under the same handle i.e. since there was a strike on the username it could affect a future mitigation of flags raised.

composition of ...

Please don't tell people personal information in public venues. Not a wise idea. Edited your post.

Can I reuse the old authentication way in my other new accounts?

I seem to recall that the specific authentication associated with the account is permanently banned but seem to recall username is not. No there won't be an exception made.

I'm afraid of getting banned again by reusing it.

That's what I said earlier here in this reply. It won't be in anyone's favor if things were previously flagged... however it will be investigated appropriately.

Long story short the account holder gets to start over from scratch due to the obfuscation.

OUJS Admin

Re: @kevinpan.cs12:

I used to have an account named kevin_pan_940506

There used to be one of that name.

I believe that I didn't violate any rules as far as I know.

Presuming that account was yours, yes that account holder did violate the TOS with Obfuscation. There were multiple attempts to contact that account holder (which technically aren't required with this type of TOS violation but completed none-the-less) and no response was returned within a reasonable period. The default action was applied.

OUJS Admin


Better late than never here... apologies.

  1. The site doesn't allow details or summary HTML tags for user content. i.e. those tags are sanitized. This is unlikely to change but perhaps a discussion on Development would be considered... however it would need the establishing owners approval.
  2. If the site did allow them, then our theme needs some modification for showing the arrow with summary { display: list-item; } and any other relevant CSS modification for bootstrap.
  3. Also our current markdown parser would require it to be:
<details><summary>ReadM Manga Before</summary>

![ReadM Manga Before]( "ReadM Manga Before")


... with the line breaks... but again those specific tags aren't allowed.

This is really a Development type query for the future please.

OUJS Admin

Re: @Mottie:

We're going to try a work-around for this to force compatibility of markdown with sanitize-html dependency.

Sanitizing will always have a higher priority over html user-content but hope this methodology handles this for now.

OUJS Admin


The account was connected to a github account (which was deleted)


the site just logged me into my first account (this one).

Yes it will.

Can my access to that account be regained?

No because the GH account is no longer there. I can say with relative certainty that it's your addresses for both accounts but we can't verify that it's your identity.

can the script that I published there be deleted


since I'm unable to update it?

Just fork it from yourself on OUJS using the Submit Code as Fork button at the bottom of that page.

OUJS Admin

Re: @Fask:

I deleted the imgur image that I had for the "TfT Main Page Remake"

That will allow me to swap your identities.

tried this, but unfortunately still received the "Authorization Fail" error.

You tried four times with Twitter and twice with Steam at your current address. The four gave you "Authorization Fail" and the two gave you "Strategy Fail" (assume it's because something was done on the Steam side). If you know what happened on Steam and if you can prevent it... please try not to let it happen again. :)

I don't know.

Alright was worth a try. Date would have had to have been exact if you did take a guess at the time of day.

Anyhow... you are flipped. So @Fask is the "orphan" of your old Steam keyed account and @Prios is your active Steam keyed account now. You were booted off your current session in order to achieve this seamlessly. As you know @Prios is not on probation so you may log in anytime. I dropped the DB's for that just in case you triggered it at your current address with the @Fask.

Since Twitter is probably defunct you may want to add another strategy.

If for some reason you have any additional issues regarding this please ping me on GitHub with an issue as no new accounts here on OUJS will be swapped for you... just these two.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions.

OUJS Admin

in the meantime you as Fask need to prove that the Steam account is yours by temporarily modifying your bio line on Steam and have me see it after you notify me here to go look.

Confirmed on Steam. You can change that back. Still need more time to ponder and I have to go do an IRL thing. I realize that your @Fask is a new account and you won't be able to reply for around 24 hours (Don't try to log in until after then otherwise it "rolls" and it'll restart the 24 hour countdown) due to probationary status. Find out what you can to answer the remaining questions.

OUJS Admin

Re: @Fask:

... Fingers crossed ...

Can you tell me the last date and approximate time here on OUJS that you logged in at for @Prios? (Do not guess as that will not be a good thing if you are not correct)

OUJS Admin

Re: @Fask:

Did you also try logging into Twitter first then here (manually selecting Twitter in the drop list)? Does it fail like my new account test?

... btw ensure you are logged out of all other authentication strategies (Steam) first during testing... or the site will nab that.

OUJS Admin

Re: @Fask:

... Fingers crossed ...

Did you save your imgur images to an album that you can delete one for OUJS access proof?

OUJS Admin

Re: @Fask:

Fingers crossed that that is enough.

I just updated and retested Steams auth strategy along with some other deps and the backend updates. Try it again. It was a little weird that I was logged in already and it asked me to login again. Anyhow I realize the @Fask account is also Steam so presumably you could/can/have create(d) a new account on Steam. You need to use your old Steam account though.

regardless of which authorization method I try

If you notice any superscript RO text, after the manually selected authentication method in the login page, on the ones you have that probably means it won't work. See also #1982.

As far as restoration I'm going to have to ponder that for a bit. But in the meantime you as Fask need to prove that the Steam account is yours by temporarily modifying your bio line on Steam and have me see it after you notify me here to go look.

I can't say for sure if you'll gain access to the OUJS account as anyone can upload a script with someones namespace... hence why the profile is always a preferred place to cross-identify yourself (It demonstrates that you had actual access to the account). I will need some time to scour the logs and that account.

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