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Re: @JRI:

Love this! Great to have a new perspective added to the fold. Welcome aboard. :)


How do I add extra files (in my case, .css file) to a userscript in here?

Only user.js and .js files are currently hosted... anything else you may use @require and/or @resource in your metadata block pointing to a data URI or elsewhere on the web, or embed into your source code. Please note there is currently a maximum size of approximately 500KiB script size... so best to use the metadata block to point elsewhere.

From what I can tell this is taking a variable from the unsafeWindow and posting it to another account. This resembles cookie stealing scripts which are currently prohibited.

Please tell us what you are doing before you and your script become eligible for removal.

Re: @Marti:

Or encouraging md...


![trespassersW]( "trespassersW")

Please don't obfuscate your code. This is currently prohibited.

Re: @cletusc:

Kewl... trying to get this pull approved so we can use Scriptish values too... along with a bug fix. Shouldn't make any difference to your commit if it goes through. :)

Re: @©TriMoon™:

No idea where you took that screenshot but im unable to see that anywhere...

The new UI is in effect since that was posted.

Currently click "Edit Script Info" and it's now up in the right side of the page... don't forget to click the "Save" button to the far lower left under your Description after you add it to your group.

In your metadata block you can currently use:

// @homepage

Re: @jscher2000:

There was a bug that I caught and was fixed a little while back with update checks pulling full script source... so the counts are a wee bit off but should normalize with your stats. If users are using extremely old GM/TM/VM that will probably throw it off too as well as invalid @updateURL values using .user.js

Re: @Marti:

The legacy link provided earlier doesn't appear to work properly (which can be expected as it may eventually go away)... but clicking the "Last Updated" table header in any script lists should do what you need @trespassersW

Re: @Marti:
Really need to remember to double lf with md quoting until editing an existing reply is fixered. :)

Please don't obfuscate your code. This is currently prohibited.

Why don't you sum up your rant here so we don't have to go searching for "elsewhere"?

You are quite capable of issuing a time tested RFE on the repo. It is a courtesy that anyone is dealing with you with your presented bad attitude.

much easier to let the big-dogs do the work for you.

This is very rude and is considered hostility in my book... you need to clean up your act or this "dog" will bite your...

it's an unpreferred method of login, particularly when forced on users.

I think it's a rather clever idea and I sure don't see any verified citation on your part other than rambling on.

No one wants their accounts and identities all in one place

I'm one of the most cautious people here and I can understand potentially not wanting a global login system... however for the time being this is how it is going to be. You've failed to convince me why current development request needs to stop everything just for your misplaced request.

Why would it count the first one? Isn't it already implied by the fact that there's a post to begin with?

Provided I'm not outvoted from other active devs on the project this issue is closed and nothing further will be responded to about it.

which is a cardinal sin of good design.

I have a saying for zealots like this that flame a site... "Get off the cross...someone needs the wood.".

you'd do well to consider my suggestions.

I'm feeling an implied suggestion in here... this is very serious... Would you like me to remove your account so you can take your negativity elsewhere?

update a script it instead creates a new script with an empty description.

How are you posting it to the site? Upload, paste or sync?

Match most of current GM changes in beta prc greasemonkey-2.0beta1.0.1rc1pre-fx.xpi with one major exception... minVersion for FF is still set to 27+ since 30 is not in release status yet... it's still best to use current FF release in case the beta has a last minute blocking correction. Also usoFix is still in effect just in the odd chance that it may come back online. :\

File Repos:

P.S. rather than make a bazillion Discussion Topics here on OUJS I've version neutralized the name to not include the versioning... please check back here on occasion for updates or just use the SF RSS feed for both projects in your favorite feed reader.

Please don't obfuscate your code. This is currently prohibited.

Please don't obfuscate your code. This is currently prohibited.

You've been given a chance to remedy this situation. Please document full on your script description exactly what you are liking automatically.

Failure to do so may result in being barrred from this site.