Marti / oujs - Meta View

after latest OUJS site intermission,
something wrong was happened with your script:
when I click "Meta" button, I see:

PLEASE WAIT: Fetching the grammar files

and that's all..

Re: @trespassersW:

Thanks... use this version on GH until we resync OUJS completely... is for the current master not at the HEAD that we are using at the moment... I'll drop in an update notice on this script manually for those to reinstall from here. e.g. watch for it. :)

Re: @trespassersW:

Now that we are back to current GH master HEAD here on production you may install the most recent version of this script from OUJS if you wish.

NOTE: If the grammar files are still in your cache you'll need to either wait until the expire time (this was on my TODO list for development to correct but the "intermission" interrupted that), or just clear your cache, and it should resume normal operation... otherwise it will be sitting on this message again. I'll version bump as soon as I can but the cache time for anyone using the older version needs to expire first before I do that and I'll be away from dev station for a few days.