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  • icon google cache comeback - Brings back links to cached pages in the Google search results
    uso uso- mirror - redirects to
    icon OUJS widelist - extends list of scripts shown by OUJS to 100% width
    icon altWheelScroll - Alt+mouse-wheel scrolls browser window horizontally
    icon Y-marker - Sets up keyboard shortcuts for placing bookmarks and navigation inside webpage.
    icon Yandex-two-columns - две колонки результатов Яндекса - и ничего лишнего
    us.o css highlighter - Formats and highlights CSS code shown after [Show CSS] clicking.> GitHub Sortable Filelist - appends sorting function to github directories
    babelfish tooltip - Translates selected text into a `tooltip' via Google translate> ru-en hyphens - пере-нос слов / hyphen-ation

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