Good day, I'm encountering erroneous fetching of some JS libraries from (trimmed before end). In script detail's source code view the source appears complete. Just fetching the raw source is broken.

Exactly: some library sources are cut before end especially if fetched as library.min.js.
The issue can be workarounded by appending about 100 to 200 comment chars to end of each affected source, which will ensure that the trimming happens on dead content and code remains intact.
Regardless the existing workaround this ugly bug should be fixed ASAP.

Re: @Anakunda:

some library sources are cut before end especially if fetched as library.min.js.

If you think it's a bug then it should be on Development not here.

Re: @Anakunda:

Just fetching the raw source is broken.

Semi-colons can be removed since terser defaults at that version may be configured that way. i.e. we don't do it... it's an upstream issue. We are also using terser@v4.x due to incompatibilities with terser@v5.x... so if there's an error don't use it or find some other possibly shorter workaround similar to the one you've mentioned in your code to get the result you want. i.e. we can't do anything about it especially here on Production instead of Development. You would also most likely be redirected to upstream anyhow. Btw some of our served .js for the site itself doesn't exhibit your behavior because it's working without your "work-around". i.e. we (you, me, the dog/cat, etc.) all would know instantly. bootstrap-markdown.js here on OUJS is one of many examples compared to it's native source there. It would appear from the lack of trailing closing square bracket and semicolon in your latest library update (without your comment block) that it is a terser error.

As a general rule of thumb also check your device(s) for malware, corruption of storage media or memory (ran into several machines that requires exact CPU MHz specs used instead of what was advertised in their XMP/EXPO/equivalent... segmentation faults specifically which are rare when there should be none), if your ISP is preventing you from doing something, and of course a clean browser profile and other non-chromium based browser.

OUJS Admin.

P.S. We have a special key for edge cases that don't have a work-around so you can let others know about a possible code incompatibility. See here.

Re: @gyakkun:

If it's due to upstream dependency update, maybe rollback to a previous version is a good idea?


However both of you haven't given me any concrete links to the issue... however I guessed that @gyakkun changed some source recently and encountered it from the image included... and I can replicate on unminified code.

This shouldn't be happening ever... I will look into it more shortly.

OUJS Admin

Alright.. think I found the issue. Love Unicode sometimes (sarcasm).

Try it now.

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