I usually wouldn't respond to this sort of rant because there is no actual question presented here yet... but...

I found two breadcrumbs, that if you prove the account is yours, then I can swap the authorizations.

  1. If you can demonstrate that you have delete control of one of your images from imgur from this script that would be a positive affirmation.
  2. Temporarily change your profile description or add some sort of comment (with your usernames here and my username) over there with GF that is referenced at this script that would also be a positive affirmation.

You will need to let me know here when to look and wait for me to respond. Otherwise fork your own scripts.

As far as your rant goes... go blame E.M. for that, not us. Reminder of etiquette please.

OUJS Admin

You should be swapped now. Please login using the original user name at your convenience.

OUJS Admin

Many thanks!
So glad to have my account back.

Also apologies for any misunderstanding, I'm still not 100% sure how my post came across as a rant (maybe the phrasing of "you removed twitter oauth"?). But it wasn't meant to come across that way, moreso it was supposed to come across as "I'm another victim of E.M!".

Regardless, thanks again!

Fyi it might be a good idea to put a little note on the login page for twitter oauth users' to go through this process so that they don't feel all is lost. I was trying to login for a few months before finding this discussions page.