MoonDivision / Chaturbate Enhancer


Version: 2.1.1+bbdbd8d updated

Summary: Enhances Chaturbate by adding multiple new features.




Copyright: MoonDivision (

License: GPL-3.0-only

Enhances Chaturbate by adding multiple new features.


  • displays model online schedule in bio
  • displays model avatar when offline
  • displays model region in bio
  • displays for how long model is online in bio
  • displays last subject in bio
  • animated cam thumbnail previews on hover
  • enlarges media thumbnails
  • removes overlay from media thumbnails
  • removes floating icons from bio
  • removes ads
  • clicking on live video feed doesn't pause it anymore
  • adds Picture-in-Picture button
  • displays video and bio at inaccessible rooms (bypasses geoblock, gender block etc.)
  • adds menu option to extract video source URL
  • adds video controls: ability to toggle site logo visibility over video, mirror video, invert video, set brightness, contrast, saturation, sepia, hue
  • adds ability to capture stream screenshot (by pressing screenshot button under video or using CTRL + X shortcut)
  • adds ability to capture stream video (by pressing record button under video)
  • automatically enables dark mode if system has dark mode enabled
  • automatically hides entrance terms overlay

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You can support development of Chaturbate Enhancer by creating free Chaturbate account and purchasing some tokens. You can also donate via:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 1GBKUqQRQRtRDe7JJZE5Rt2XtPuj9pPvT
  • Ethereum (ETH): bc1qd5ycfhnta28ml3sf9lx2hf2rgju07v7mqc49uh

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