During registration I entered username as V@no it didn't warn me about not allowed character and without any notification change it to Vno
How can I change my username or delete the account so I can recreate with a proper username? (I don't want to open a new email since my email is already in use by this account)

Thank you.

Ok, confusing website, can't find how to contact admins directly...so I'll ask here.
If possible I'd like change my username to V@no or vanowm

Re: @vanowm:

confusing website, can't find how to contact admins directly

More likely a very confused first time web user especially since you quoted developments issue tracker specific URLs. Anyhow... I don't have any time to do it right now as you make it more difficult when you post comments, scripts, etc. for me to change as it's not automated... and you already know this from the issues you tracked above. So give those issues a thorough reread and when I have a moment in the coming week we'll see what we can do for you... You are now known as vanowm instead of Vno. The @ symbol is sanitized as you already know now.