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after latest OUJS site intermission,
something wrong was happened with your script:
when I click "Meta" button, I see:

PLEASE WAIT: Fetching the grammar files

and that's all..

Re: @Marti: > See coulé.
a few more fencing terms:
Button: the safety tip on the end of practice and sporting swords.
En Garde: also On Guard; the fencing position; the stance that fencers assume when preparing to fence.
Forte: the lower, strong part of the blade.
Disengage: a circular movement of the blade that deceives the opponent's parry, removes the blades from engagement, or changes the line of engagement.

Re: @Marti:

Coulés are a practiced skill when dueling. ;)

flow couler, passer, affluer, jaillir, flotter, se répandre
run fonctionner, courir, tourner, gérer, diriger, couler
cast jeter, lancer, couler, fondre, se dépouiller, lâcher
run out couler, expirer, sortir en courant, venir à manquer, s'épuiser, s'écouler
roll rouler, tourner, dérouler, étendre, laminer, couler
go under couler, échouer, passer par dessous, se cacher, passer dans la clandestinité
smear salir, étaler, barbouiller, maculer, diffamer, couler
gutter couler, vaciller, trembler
well couler

and what exactly did you mean?

better than writing dozens of scripts dedicated to musicbrainz,
could you create the just one final script that can do all what you want?

Re: @Farow:
I found out that new version of your script doesn't work in my chrome+tampermonkey --
it crashes saying SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier (somewhere inside Tm/Chrome code).
And i hope that Sizzle will finally add Remember me checkbox onto OUJS login page.

In fact, I would suggest Sizzle store user data in persistent memory, as it'is done by Google (and Greasemonkey;)

Re: @Farow: Wouldn't you have to reset the username in sessionStorage?

Browser automatically clears sessionStorage after tab closing.

And, if an user isn't logged in Google (or something like that), your script falls into an infinite loop.

Re: @cuzi:

At the moment I use GM_setValue/GM_getValue and setInterval to regularly check for a changed value.

if you don't like timers, you may track the changes of GM_values inside window.onfocus event handler.