One of the useful things of a site where users often discus technical issues is an Edit feature for comments. Currently there doesn't appear to be that feature, and it means a user has to either add another reply, or not at all.

Would be great if this feature could be implemented, as many would find it useful.

Re: @Marti:

Coulés are a practiced skill when dueling. ;)

flow couler, passer, affluer, jaillir, flotter, se répandre
run fonctionner, courir, tourner, gérer, diriger, couler
cast jeter, lancer, couler, fondre, se dépouiller, lâcher
run out couler, expirer, sortir en courant, venir à manquer, s'épuiser, s'écouler
roll rouler, tourner, dérouler, étendre, laminer, couler
go under couler, échouer, passer par dessous, se cacher, passer dans la clandestinité
smear salir, étaler, barbouiller, maculer, diffamer, couler
gutter couler, vaciller, trembler
well couler

and what exactly did you mean?

Re: @Marti: > See coulé.
a few more fencing terms:
Button: the safety tip on the end of practice and sporting swords.
En Garde: also On Guard; the fencing position; the stance that fencers assume when preparing to fence.
Forte: the lower, strong part of the blade.
Disengage: a circular movement of the blade that deceives the opponent's parry, removes the blades from engagement, or changes the line of engagement.

Re: @decembre:

Never say never. ;) :) Eventually that feature will be on dev and trickle down... until then... one should think thoroughly before tapping the reply button. :) This also needs to be focused on GH issue tracker. Thanks.