better than writing dozens of scripts dedicated to _musicbrainz_,
could you create the just one final script that can do all what you want?

Re: @trespassersW:
Hello and sorry I did not see this discussion before.
I have merged lots of scripts into a single big script called SUPER TURBO something where everything is on/off switchable in a settings panel.
But some users don’t like it that I merge everything so I keep separated those which are really specialised like this one, for the moment…

Those script have a long history, they are usually quite many lines too.
I will keep on trying to put all those I can in only one convenient script but I also have happy users of some simple straight‐to‐the‐point specific purpose scripts who don’t need/want all the rest (even if everything has its on/off toggle), so I must not only think about me.
But thanks for the advice as I sometimes loose focus and I did indeed forget about trying harder to do that. :)