Google has deprecated OpenID and will End-of-Life (EOL) this authorization method by April 20th, 2015. has made some accommodations to automatically migrate from OpenID to OAuth2. We'll be observing this change for the next few days to ensure everything is good to go on our end. You should be re-prompted for access to your Google profile to confirm this change.

  • If your primary account is Google for registering you will want to log in before that date! After that date you will most likely lose access to your account here if you don't do this... as we will have no way of knowing who you really are, any requests for migrating your account manually will not be accepted... so please login to have our system migrate it at your earliest convenience.
  • We would also suggest if you have Google as a secondary authorization that you switch to it temporarily and then switch back to your preferred primary authentication. This can be done currently at your preferences and you shouldn't need to logout for this process.
  • New accounts should automatically be OAuth2.

Thank you for a moment of your time.

Re: @trespassersW:

Can I close it once and for all?

I'm considering a timeout or using a localStorage value to indicate that it's been read (which won't work for some including me)... I may even entertain a temporary user.js in the short term but everyone else who doesn't visit as often as some needs to see it... and I'm still working on some other areas related to this. It is closable... got any other ideas? :)

Re: @trespassersW:

... cookies.

Rather use localStorage if it boils down to that... cookies are usually managed with several peeps too. My DOM storage is disabled so that's why it won't work for me. GM_setValue in a user.js is technically the only user safe way to do this other than creating a full reminder model (which isn't out of the question but not a top priority for me at the moment due to putting out other fires).

timeout isn't the best solution, IMO

Neither is leaving an open ended statement as such... seems to be lacking merit at the moment.

Well it's what everyone is stuck with until someone creates an issue properly on development and someone picks up the task of doing it. If you are that impatient with it then get to work!... or wait until the expiration date when you won't have to worry about it. I've already presented you with what could be, including my intentional absence of mentioning cookies. ;) I guarantee a later label as I'm done with it for the time being but that doesn't mean we won't examine what is presented formally and any PRs. So hop too it, IMO. :)

Re: @trespassersW:

Interesting alternative in your script now... however what happens if there are multiple reminders? What happens on extremely small viewports?

Unfortunately the problem is already here... your current implementation of your script covers up linkage already on small viewports. Nice for full width devices though. When affecting the base code decisions should be based on the whole experience not just one. :)

There you go. The reminder will only show up if you aren't logged in or you use Google for authentication. We don't have any way of telling who's done migrating so those who use Google will just have to put up with it until April 20th.

Re: @Marti:
Is OAuth2 active yet? I haven't been able to make google my default authentication (yes I logged in and used it before 04/20). Also, are you going to be using Google Sign-In?

Just curious, because it looks like you were going to migrate, even though it doesn't seem to want to play as default... Thanks!

Re: @memnoch:

Is OAuth2 active yet?


going to be using Google Sign-In?

Best to ask questions like these on development... but as far as my last check probably not. Google is making rash changes as of late and they continually break things but my account last check worked fine.

Re: @Marti:

Best to ask questions like these on development... but as far as my last check probably not. Google is making rash changes as of late and they continually break things but my account last check worked fine.

Your google account can currently be used as a login authentication? When I goto preferences and click it, it comes back like a redirect, not having set it, and stays with the authentication scheme I already had set.

Some more changes coming through... one of our strategies has migrated which may cause a reprompt of access when you log in with the Google authentication strategy... the dep update is scheduled sometime within the next 24ish hours. No disruption detected with my dev moderation account.

Some of you may have been experiencing Google Authentication failures.

It is most likely this. e.g. Google has probably stopped their migration thus orphaning access to any account that wasn't upgraded by them.

If there is not a trail to a verifiable source, like GitHub, we can not do anything for you since even we don't track secondary contact methods such as email. If you have multiple authentications, say Twitter or one of the others currently found by adding one at there is some hope.

Alternatively we do suggest, if you want to, putting something in your profile to tell us who you are and where else you can be found. An example of this would be my profile which links to GitHub and then create an issue on GitHub... that is verifiable evidence for us to be able to merge/split/change your account here on OUJS.

Otherwise we apologize for Google authentication change destroying your ability to log in but there isn't much that we can do beyond what we have already done.

Thanks for the read.
OUJS Staff