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Can you give me a reason why you'd post a script to the site, add it to a group, and then somewhere down the line decide to remove it from that group?

Personally no... however publicly yes. I've sent many a message for people adding scripts to the wrong groups on USO and because it's single user managed they have to remove it. Moderators and higher should have the ability to "clean up" the groups if they see something awry.

See even I'm not perfect with markdown. LOL Must remember to do a double line break after > more often. ;)

I'm suggesting to at least add fields for configuring script meta block ( title/description/version/author ) and to show what's already in script after the upload.

While it's not 100% of them some of them are already shown and utilized. As far as a separate editable (OUJS) meta I would recommend against this. The (USO) feature of separate metadata has an issue where spammers/malicious script writers rename their scripts even though they are malicious in nature e.g. they have the option of not being in sync with what is displayed... and I'd rather not see this happen here.

Another is issue is targeted image tracking. Even with USO I don't display those due to privacy concerns unless they are hosted on USOs native CDN url. Most of the stats can be achieved by the user content area of each script if someone really wants to add that ability. Take a look at my current profile (still working on generating this a bit).

In summary it's not that difficult to look at the script source and view the metadata block.

Could you automatically add .meta.js (as updateURL) and .user.js (as installURL) to script code
All of the user.js engines are smart enough to create these internally for those values from the script host site and should technically not need to be set for updating. Since the community is split over multiple sites right now it is best to leave those unaffected and let the author set them... e.g. it's not the responsibility of the hosting site to modify protected works nor should it ever be.

or at least show users created URLS.
Once I get into the full swing here, I or one of the other devs may be able to incorporate some of uso - Count Issues into the site or at the very least a oujs - Count Issues type derivative user script... obviously not named this since OUJS currently already has the issue count on the main script page.

Just an editorial note to you @Dexmaxter... to quote someone please use the > symbol at the beginning of the line instead of a header markdown tag to quote someone. Before my general greeting discussion gets too much more technical you are welcome to try creating your own discussion or preferably submit a request for enhancement (RFE) on the sites Issue Tracker where more of the devs will see it. :)

I really don't want to host images.


One I use is Since this site can be tied into GitHub I'll probably host there directly (already doing this for some tests) and perhaps SourceForge eventually.

OMG! there are anchor name attributes for header tags!!! (well at least h2's... I haven't checked any others) Bless you! :)

You can also go to flagged to see anything others...

The correct linkage should be flagged when you are logged in.

Markdown takes a bit to get used to. :)

Those urls return 404 for me and I can't find any links on my profile page.

Should be in bright orange

Hmm I'd be interested in this too. Difficult to guess how to fix things unless I do some trial and error locally. I have Linux and Win7 with a few dedicated Linux test machines to toy with so bash scripts are easily done without terminal emulation on Windows.

And now I long for the ability to edit comments...

Bah! Editing comments is overrated. ;) j/k I am missing your preview button from UCF though. Makes one think really deep and multiple proof readings before posting for sure.

Still not able to sync my GH repo into here too. I know others have been able to but I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary. Even tried a clean profile with no luck.

Anyhow... looking better all the time even with a few bumps. :)

This is just a test discussion... although a user.js to do laundry would be fantastic. :)

Hello one and all. Just thought I'd give the Garage a whirl.