jerone Founder

Hi, loving this userscript for the notifications dropdown.
The hidden feature for collapsible blocks however not so much. It's actually conflicting with some other scripts I have.
I don't want to edit the userscript and lose updates. So I was wondering if you want to remove that feature from this userscript (and maybe make a separate userscript from it)...

I retract me previous comment, I just noticed the update available.

The userscript works again, but the popup is bigger then the window, creating a horizontal scrollbar!

Still wondering if you have the source code on GitHub somewhere, to report issues or send PR's...

Yeah confirmed. Love to see this userscript working again. Is the source on GitHub?

Totally agree about this being an useful script!

I always wanted to update that script to a more integrated design. Great to see you did the work :) Hopefully @joeytwiddle will update his script. I couldn't find the script on his GitHub profile, so a PR isn't possible.

I'm sorry, but I'm reading issues created here. If your problem still persists, can you the issue to github repo.

Re: @moshmage:
When you alter an script, you lock the script from updating. If this didn't happen, all updated you manually did to the script will be lost every time a new version was released.
In Greasemonkey you can override the locked state, by right-clicking the script in the addons tab and selection the item "Forced find updates".
Anyways the update feature in Greasemonkey and TamperMonkey has been there for many years already, so it's very thorough tested.
If you still want to check if incremental updating works, you have to host your userscript somewhere, install that version and then update the @version metadata of the hosted version.

Not that I know of.
Which feature of Greasefire are you talking about here?

The copy button on the library page is copying the wrong text. It's copying @grant instead of @require.

Line 801:

copyBox.firstChild.setAttribute("meta", "// @grant\t\t" + require.value);

Should be:

copyBox.firstChild.setAttribute("meta", "// @require\t\t" + require.value);

Have been trying your script for a few days now and it seems the install counter on my profile page doesn't seem to work like it should. Every time I visit my page it shows counts exactly the same as the current installs.
Before I used scripts stats from burn and his script worked great. It also showed a date at which the last count was executed.
Keep up the great work.

I don't think it's a good idea to change the namespace midway development of this script. At least not without notifying. Existing users now don't get the updates and even after reinstalling get two different version of the same script.

Re: @jerone:
nvm, I'm getting 301 so canonical isn't required.

It still mite be a good idea to implement an canonical url.

Confirm running again. Will check later if it actually counts.

When I updated to the latest version of this script, I wouldn't run anymore.

After some initial investigating I got the following error in the error console with Scriptish (GreaseMonkey wouldn't show the error):

[oujs.orgscriptsstats@httpuserscripts.orgusersburn] SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data oujsorg...user.js (line 27, col 2)

My guess is that it has something to do with existing data stored from previous versions.

Re: @joeytwiddle:

This probably sounds like a cross browser issue.
ATM I'm in the process of completely rewriting this script to support filtering per project.
When I find the time I'll look into this.
Thnx for testing and reporting this issue.

Re: @burn:

thanks for your feedback, I've just published a new version which fixes both the issues you prompted me.
Working great now!