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Re: @joeytwiddle:

Gosh it's only been 9 days since the last set of fixes!

Yeah I know, having same issues with my scripts.

I've updated the script and it looks ok to me now

Works in Firefox 32 with GreaseMonkey.

Aldo I prefer to see this build-in to the site, this script looks promising.

Before I could fully testing it, I got two error's that requires fixing:

  • I'm an admin on this site, which means my menu looks a bit different. To fix it you could change your for loop into a revering one and change to a more targeted selector: $("nav.navbar .navbar-collapse-top a"). The ends of the bar looks the same for users and admins.
  • Most of my scripts run in Scriptish, but for some reason yours doesn't work. After investigating I found an issue with GM_getValue default value. Aldo the documentation says it supports defaultValue it errored with TypeError: arrStored is undefined. I fixed it by using the following code return eval(GM_getValue(name) || (def || '({})'));.

Hope you'll fix above two issues so I can test it further.
Keep up the great work.

Github just released some small layout and style updates besides adding new features. Aldo this script still works, it resulted in the dropdown to be slightly off.

Also you could get more interest and installs if you add an description with screenshot.

Keep up the great work.

Re: @joeytwiddle:
Confirmed. Github recently updated their site design (minor tweaks) which resulted in those black blobs.
I've already fixed this issue locally. Still working on fixing another issue that maybe related to your other issue.
Will update soon.

So I want to 'protect' my userscripts with a license. But there are so many with little differences.

I was wondering what license you have chosen and why...

I really don't want to host images.

You don't need to host them. I'm suggesting to at least add fields for configuring script meta block ( title/description/version/author ) and to show what's already in script after the upload.

I agree. A field or at least a link to some upload-site would lower the barrier to include screenshots.

You're not a moderator. You're an admin. So yes you can remove content posted by moderators. You can't remove content posted by someone with the same user role or above (for you this is "Founding Father" and "Root").

Thnx for explaining.

No, it isn't. I'm debating whether I should add this feature or not. Can you give me a reason why you'd post a script to the site, add it to a group, and then somewhere down the line decide to remove it from that group? I can only see myself adding to groups, not removing from them.

Exactly as @Marti explained :)
I even have an live example (aldo this was done for testing);
Textarea Keyboard Shortcuts shouldn't be part of

Markdown takes a bit to get used to. :)

For Github I made an userscript that adds a toolbar with most GFM features. When I have time, I'll make one for OUJS or a PR when I get my OUJS dev running.

Maybe you have to logout and log back in for the change to take into effect.

Ah, I do see them now.

I also see the remove script action.

Is it correct that I can't delete scripts from other moderators?
And it isn't possible to remove scripts from groups yet, right?

Thnx for your response.

First off, jerone you are a "Founding Father" (high-level admin). You can remove anything (it goes to the graveyard). You can also go to flagged to see anything others have flagged and remove it. These thinks are on your profile.

Those urls return 404 for me and I can't find any links on my profile page.

I was wondering if someone could make a readme with clear steps how to setup OUJS in a development environment.

In the beginning I had a working dev, but when I last tried on a new machine I couldn't get it working.

Also some architecture descriptions would be great. Not every code is clear me what it does.

My environment is Windows.

ps. If you need help with moderation, I'm willing to help.

There we go. That way I don't have to worry about time zones.

Much better!

Have a great presentation. Wish I could attend :)