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Before starting to write, I would thanks the creator of this awesome userscript, i searched for 30 minutes in GitHub settings but can't find something similar to this!

Anyway, the look of the userscript was ~ugly, so I decided to tweak it to make it more "user-friendly" (and with a better look!) so here's the modifier code (i only tweaked css and 3-4 lines of js, feel free to use a compare tool to see the differences ^^)

Here's the code: :)

Totally agree about this being an useful script!

I always wanted to update that script to a more integrated design. Great to see you did the work :) Hopefully @joeytwiddle will update his script. I couldn't find the script on his GitHub profile, so a PR isn't possible.

Re: @jerone:
Yes, this is why i linked my repo here. Wasn't able to find a repo to PR :x. Just updated the script, now it is perfectly integrated in the github design. :)

Thanks for that. Sorry I didn't see it until now!

You cannot imagine how long I spent fiddling with the border-radius on the original script. In the end my eyes melted and I went large, possibly encouraged by iPhone marketing material which was prevalent at that time.

But it appears to be 2 vs 1 in here, so I have merged your styles into my copy. :)

And I have just done an update to @require jQuery, because $ appears to be missing from today.

Just thinking about the license ... imagine if we wanted to actually take our script and use it on their site. What license would make them able to do that?

My userscripts are hidden deep inside a monolithic repo: One day I may get organised like jerone and separate them out.


Re: @joeytwiddle:

This site knows where the userscript is on Github, because it auto-updates from there. It would be nice if the site could make that upstream URL available, e.g. on the SourceCode page.

Re: @joeytwiddle:

By the way, I just added @grant GM_addStyle not because we are using it, but because @grant none and @require were resulting in a massive freezeup during page load on Firefox + Greasemonkey.

Did they bring back jQuery? If so then the code snippet I put on your repo many weeks ago would probably help with the Content scope... @grant stuffs things in a sandbox so you usually wouldn't need that code then.

Thanks Marti, I did adopt your solution in the end.

Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I would love email notification for this site. ;)