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Version: 2.7.9+e8db4c2 updated

Summary: Shows how many installs and ratings your scripts have got since last visit


License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

OUJS.ORG Scripts Stats

This userscript shows how many installs and ratings your scripts have had since last visit. Starting from v2.7.3 are also shown total stats since last visit within the box in the sidebar.


You obviously must be logged in to see your scripts statistics.


Statistics are shown on green; last page visit time is no more shown above the words "Installs", "Rating", "Last Updated". Instead, it is shown under the box "Stats" in sidebar (see screenshot #2).


This picture is a screenshot of my userscript which shows installs/rating statistics since last page visit


User stats and last page visit time

Known issues

  • No multiple pages support. Fixed with v.2.7.8
  • Negative ratings are not managed yet Fixed with v.2.5
  • Tampermonkey throws a syntax error "Unexpected token ILLEGAL", but don't know why nor where. Will dig into it. Fixed with v.2.41

Feedback appreciated

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