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It seems that IMDb won't really have a check-in list for a user that never added anything to that list. You can't even edit it!

The new version of the script should handle this better, also telling the user at the end which lists (if any) could not be loaded. You can keep using it as is until you get the update automatically (v. 1.45), or force an update.

Please let me know if you find any other problem.

Hi, Dan!

Sorry about that. Here's the changes in the latest versions (up to 1.44):

  • 2018.07.03 [1.43] Added support for lists of people - but since I don't use this feature, I'll only see problems via bug reports.

  • 2018.07.05 [1.44] 10 year anniversary edition! :D
    Fixed bug from v. 1.43 where movie titles and people names were getting mixed.
    New default highlight color for lists of people.
    New & improved way to set color priority (search for listOrder).
    Now supporting check-ins list.

So, the script is reading one new list for you (check-ins), so that's why it shows one more during loading.

As for it not completing, could you tell me what appears in the Javascript console?

I think Monk-time is right. Until at least a few weeks ago, IMDb didn't seem to support https - it would always redirect to http when I tried.

I've just updated the script. The best / easiest solution for now is to use either the http or the https scheme. The script saves your data in the local storage, and the storage is different between http and https URLs. This means that if you use both schemes, you would need to download your data twice (and I don't think there's an easy fix for that).

Thanks for the link.

As I wrote before, I'd love to add a preferences tab so users won't have to update the source, but that's not my priority at this time. Maybe in the future...

You should check the Javascript console for errors, there might be something there to help you figure out the problem and fix it.

One thing I wanted to do was to save color information in the browser instead of in the code. Another idea was to (optionally) add emojis (as a prefix or suffix), but I never find the time to do that... I believe those features would be helpful to people who likes to customize their lists.

Re: @Marti: thanks for your reply. I know what you mean, but to be more precise, I don't plan to visit this site daily and manually check for open issues - I'd rather receive an e-mail notification, for example. A RSS feed with new topics and replies would work as well. Is there any chance for this to be implemented?

I can't find anything in my profile or settings on OpenUserJS related to notifications or RSS feeds, so I guess I'll write a script to monitor the site daily... That way I'll answer / fix things faster.

Fixed today with v. 1.41. Auto-updated worked with Tampermonkey on Google Chrome, you can try it by opening the Tampermonkey dashboard and clicking the "last updated" entry for this script.

BTW, I get no notification if someone posts a problem here. Does anyone know if there's a fix for that?

Hi everyone!

There were some changes in the last few days:

  • The "export link" for each list (which is used by my script) has been producing broken CSV files for a few years, causing the script to fail to refresh the data in some occasions (such as when a title have a special character). It seems this was finally fixed, but the file format have changed, requiring a script update.

  • The layout of Your Lists page was changed, requiring another update.

  • The "export link" for your watchlist is a bit "hidden" now, and the script have to download another page to be able to find your watchlist. BTW, if it seems that your watchlist is not being loaded, please make it public at least once: you can revert it to private right after that, but we need IMDb to give your watchlist an internal ID (and it might not do that by default for everyone, so that might require you to make the list public).

I just published v. 1.40 of the script, and tested on both Chrome and Firefox. To be on the safe side, clean you browser's cache after the upgrade then proceed to Your Lists and you should see the golden buttons.

Merry Xmas & holidays to all! And next year the script will celebrate its 10th anniversary, I'll let you know where we will celebrate! ;)

Sure, monk-time, go ahead - and thanks for asking! :)

I try to keep the script as simple and backward compatible as possible. I remember I could run it on my phone (a Nokia N900, some years ago), and I guess someone else might still be using old hardware / software that can't be updated.

BTW, I've just updated the script to v. 1.40.