AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Sometime in the last few weeks I stopped being able to refresh the highlight data for my IMDB lists: the progress bar instantly displays "Loading 1/4..." and stays there forever. All previous highlighting is cleared. I'm accumulating a great many titles in my lists, about 9,000 at the moment - is there any limit here? The IMDb also made some changes to its user interface for lists around the same time - if that were the problem, I'd imaging that no one would be able to refresh. I'm having the problem with both Chrome and Firefox (the version before 57.0), and having the problem on two computers. Thanks.

I can confirm, that IMDB did some changes to their list page. The scrip overlay buttons not showing up anymore.

Lets hope AltoRetrato (Ric) will have some time to fix it. This script is still so much helpful to me :)

Yes, I recently lost the buttons on the My Lists page too. Is anyone still able to refresh info with the enhancer now? I believe the highlighting and buttons remain until one tries to refresh.

I got in contact with Ric, he is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Big thanks to him for
the great support :)

IMDB has redesigned their list page, and the top buttons (refresh, clear highlight.. etc) have disappeared. Also the script doesn't work with Firefox anymore, even when the buttons used to appear. This script is the most useful thing I've seen for IMDB, and I really hope Ric would update it.

Hi everyone!

There were some changes in the last few days:

  • The "export link" for each list (which is used by my script) has been producing broken CSV files for a few years, causing the script to fail to refresh the data in some occasions (such as when a title have a special character). It seems this was finally fixed, but the file format have changed, requiring a script update.

  • The layout of Your Lists page was changed, requiring another update.

  • The "export link" for your watchlist is a bit "hidden" now, and the script have to download another page to be able to find your watchlist. BTW, if it seems that your watchlist is not being loaded, please make it public at least once: you can revert it to private right after that, but we need IMDb to give your watchlist an internal ID (and it might not do that by default for everyone, so that might require you to make the list public).

I just published v. 1.40 of the script, and tested on both Chrome and Firefox. To be on the safe side, clean you browser's cache after the upgrade then proceed to Your Lists and you should see the golden buttons.

Merry Xmas & holidays to all! And next year the script will celebrate its 10th anniversary, I'll let you know where we will celebrate! ;)

Works like a charm, as always :) Nearly 10 years, wow. And still supporting us with updates and fixes. Thanks man. Have a nice holiday.

Refresh and highlighting work perfectly on both Chrome and Firefox 57.0. Auto-update worked on Chrome - no auto-update for me on Firefox. Thank you very much for the great support! This script is a wonderful thing.

It works perfectly with FF 57. We can't thank you enough for keeping this amazing script updated.. We really appreciate it.