AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Hey, thanks for keeping this thing alive!

So as usual, the first thing I do when colors get reset is I change the Your Ratings color from Green to Crimson. Easy. Well, this version, every time I make the one word edit, the buttons disappear from my lists page. I thought I was somehow altering the .js file saving it with text editor, but simply copy/pasting and saving the whole script works fine. Is there a reference elsewhere in the script I'm breaking that I have to mind?


Mac OS 10.12.6
FF 54.0.1
GM 3.17
This 1.41+cff35da

You should check the Javascript console for errors, there might be something there to help you figure out the problem and fix it.

One thing I wanted to do was to save color information in the browser instead of in the code. Another idea was to (optionally) add emojis (as a prefix or suffix), but I never find the time to do that... I believe those features would be helpful to people who likes to customize their lists.

Re: @AltoRetrato:
Thanks for the reply. Turns out after I selected the word "Green" and typed the word "Crimson" over it, TextEdit decided it would be a good idea to replace the straight quotation marks around the color with smart quotation marks. Would have of course missed it if I hadn't clicked on the name of the script in the java console out of curiosity, which opened the script in a browser window and I checked which color was there and it had some code (html?) around the word instead of quotation marks, unlike the other unedited color names. So pretty much dumb luck, but inspired by your advice, so thanks! And of course again for your awesome script.