AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Hello. I'm seeing a problem in the last 24 hours, on two different systems, both using Chrome and Tampermonkey and version 1.44 of the script. Normally when I select Refresh Highlight Data, the progress indicator says "Loading 1/5." (I have three lists to update.) Starting yesterday, the progress indicator says "Loading 1/6" instead, though I have added no lists. The indicator gets as far as "Loading 5/6" and then hangs, and never completes. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks. - Dan Sallitt

One more thing: I just noticed that, though the progress bar hangs and stays on screen forever, the actual refresh of the data seems to complete. - Dan Sallitt

Hi, Dan!

Sorry about that. Here's the changes in the latest versions (up to 1.44):

  • 2018.07.03 [1.43] Added support for lists of people - but since I don't use this feature, I'll only see problems via bug reports.

  • 2018.07.05 [1.44] 10 year anniversary edition! :D
    Fixed bug from v. 1.43 where movie titles and people names were getting mixed.
    New default highlight color for lists of people.
    New & improved way to set color priority (search for listOrder).
    Now supporting check-ins list.

So, the script is reading one new list for you (check-ins), so that's why it shows one more during loading.

As for it not completing, could you tell me what appears in the Javascript console?

One message appears in the console: "Could not find ID of the 'Your check-ins' list! Try to make it public (you can make it private again right after)." I found my check-ins list, and it it indeed private, but I can't see how to make it public. Thanks for your help! Best, Dan Sallitt

It seems that IMDb won't really have a check-in list for a user that never added anything to that list. You can't even edit it!

The new version of the script should handle this better, also telling the user at the end which lists (if any) could not be loaded. You can keep using it as is until you get the update automatically (v. 1.45), or force an update.

Please let me know if you find any other problem.

I got the update automatically: that feature works very well in Chrome. Many thanks! Best, Dan