AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Hello. Sometime in the last two days, the buttons on Your Lists vanished again. I'm using Chrome; tomorrow I'll check a different machine and browser, but I just wanted to sound the alarm. Highlighting eventually vanished too, though I could see it in some windows for a while. Can anyone else see the buttons? Thanks.

It's probably IMDb experimenting with enabling site-wide HTTPS. Once you get redirected to a single HTTPS page on IMDb, all other links opened from it are going to be HTTPS too.

Most userscripts are not prepared to work on HTTPS pages, but it's a very easy fix.

I think Monk-time is right. Until at least a few weeks ago, IMDb didn't seem to support https - it would always redirect to http when I tried.

I've just updated the script. The best / easiest solution for now is to use either the http or the https scheme. The script saves your data in the local storage, and the storage is different between http and https URLs. This means that if you use both schemes, you would need to download your data twice (and I don't think there's an easy fix for that).

Thanks yet again! Everything looking good. Auto-update is working on Chrome.