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My guess is that IMDb was doing a slow rollout of the changes, because I just got the new format as well.

Thank you both for reporting and suggesting changes. I did at least a couple more changes than Ghosted suggested: a few to solve names not being highlighted, another to try to find the title even if IMDb changes the formatting again (as long as it keeps using the


Version 1.51 should be live now. I'll close this issue now, but let me know if it works (or don't) for you.


I just tested the current script version on Google Chrome (v. 101.0.4951.67, 64-bit) with Tamper Monkey (v. 4.16.1) and it works for me without any issues.

IMDb might be serving you a different page, or there might be errors in the data it is sending you.

If you can provide more details I might be able to help. Please see the How to report errors (so they can be fixed) page and post the details below.

Hi there!

If you are having issues with "IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer", this post will give you a few guidelines about how to report them, so I can fix them ASAP.

  1. How to check if the script is working

Please log in to your IMDb account and then open . Can you see the script's toolbar?

enter image description here

If you can see it, click [Clear highlight data] and [Refresh highlight data]. Now any IMDb page you open or refresh should work.

If you can't see the the toolbar or if you still can't see any highlighting in any movie page you added to a list or rated, continue reading.

  1. How to report issues with the script

First, clearly describe your issues, with at least the following details:

  • Browser type and version
  • Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey version
  • URLs you have tested and are having issues
  • What are the issues
  • Are you changing the script source code to add custom colors?
  • If you are, does color highlighting works with the original (unmodified) script code?
  • Do you have any other IMDb related scripts or add-ons installed? Did you try disabling them to see if they are causing the issue?

Finally, list any JavaScript errors related to the script. To do this:

  • Open a new browser page or tab
  • Open the Javascript console ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+[J])
  • Load an IMDb page (e.g., , or any other page you're having problems with). If your issue is loading the lists, click the [Clear highlight data] and [Refresh highlight data] buttons.
  • Copy errors and warnings that appear in the JavaScript console and share them with me. Since the list can be quite large, use a service like pastebin (it is free and doesn't require a login) and include the link in your message

Please don't post your issue in this page - go to the issues page and create a new issue. Tip: make a copy of your entire message before submitting, just in case there is a problem sending it the first time.

Also, be sure to check your issue page here in OpenUserJS from time to time to see any replies.

Hi there!

Sorry, I have no time at the moment to look at it for the next couple of weeks. If I don't comment here until then, please write again to remember me.


Re: @Martii:

Not enough time plus every site has to have a unique password... brain's full in that region...

I recommend KeePass and/or KeePassDroid: free and open-source password manager.

Re: @sammler2021:

Glad to know it is working again for you. Enjoy!

It's been so long since I wrote JavaScript that I ended up using Python syntax 🤦‍♂️! My bad! I just fixed it, hope it works now for you.

After a few 503 errors on OpenUserJS, I managed to update the script. I didn't test the script thoroughly, though, so let me know if you see any issues.

Re: @Martii:
You don't have an IMDb account? The site was launched 30 years ago, you have been missing a lot! X-D

Re: @sammler2021:
Actually, the script is working - you can see that the link to IMDbPro is green. What happened is that, with the new layout, I have to change the script to find and change the color of the title in the page and in search results (as you can see here, I just did it).

Please let me know if there is any other specific highlight not working at the moment so I can release all changes at once.

Hi there!

It works for me on the latest Google Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and Firefox (versions 77.0.1 & 78.0.2 (64-bit), with Greasemonkey v. 4.9) on Windows 10.

Can you see the script's toolbar (buttons [Refresh highlight data] [Clear highlight data] [Help / About]) when you open ?


If you can see it, I suggest you check the help, then [Clear highlight data] and [Refresh highlight data]. Now any IMDb page you open or refresh should work.

If you can't see the the toolbar or if you still can't see any highlighting in any movie page you added to a list or rated, open the Javascript console (usually [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[J]) and, among several errors and warnings from different sources, you might find an error from Greasemonkey or the script. If you can copy & paste the errors here (or somewhere else, e.g. and share here a link), I might help you figure out what is wrong.

P.S.: be aware that, while OpenUserJS (this site) offers an awesome service (and for free!), IMHO it has one annoying flaw: your login can timeout while you write a message or reply, so if you spend some time writing your text (as I did), you might lose it when you send it. Always copy your entire message before clicking [Reply]! :)

Thanks for reporting this.

I "fixed" this issue by commenting out line 274 (return false;) on the new version 1.48. I'd need to take a better look at what happens on the IMDb page when there are no custom lists to deal with the situation properly, but that means deleting all my lists or creating a new IMDb account and looking over the code, but I'll leave that for when I have more free time.

Over the last few days I came up with a new idea that will improve the script's performance for those with a lot of lists. Unfortunately, it will take a while to implement it, though...

Hi Dan! It seems IMDb is testing a new layout. The old one still shows up to me on Chrome, but fortunately a different one appears for me on Firefox, so I could release a new version (1.47). Let me know if the update works for you.

I don't know if there is anything else you could do to work around it except using a different browser or changing some of its parameters - e.g., on Firefox, you could reduce the max. number of connections per host (, but there is no guarantee it would help the script, and it could negatively affect performance on other sites. If you're interested, you could give it a try and revert to the original value if the change doesn't help.

Sorry, I was wrong! There are 199 unique lists in the log you provided, plus your watchlist, ratings and checkins list, so they are 202 in total. Some of the lists might be private (e.g.,

I deleted a bunch of list so it now says I have 157, but it still doesn't appear to be refreshing correctly

The most important thing is: how many download errors you still see in the console log? E.g.:
[HTTP/2.0 500 Internal Server Error 1410ms]

Error 500 downloading Internal Server Error index.html:396:19

My ratings are about 8,500 films so I wonder if the increasing number could be a problem.

Maybe - large lists might cause issues that the script currently doesn't try to work around. How long does it take to refresh all the data?

Thanks for the information, it was really helpful.

And WOW! You are a heavy user! :D

As I expected, you are experiencing issues on the IMDb side.

From what I see, you have (at least) 236 IMDb lists in total. The script tried to download them all, but only 200 of them were served by IMDb servers, and the remaining produced an "error 500" instead ("The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the web site's server but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.").

This means the script could refresh/update only the data it received, but it was missing 36 of your lists. That explains why some of your titles were not being highlighted.

So, what can be done to solve this?

  1. This is mostly a problem on the IMDb side, so we have limited options. Ideally, IMDb should serve you all the data requested by the script, but it might be throttling (intentionally or not) the export connections to prevent abuse or DDoS attacks. You can try to ask them to raise the limit for you, but I wouldn't bet on you even getting a reply from them on that matter...
  2. You could try to reduce the number of lists. If you could combine/merge some lists (so the total is below 200), I guess the issue would be gone (or at least become less frequent). You can do it by editing a list, selecting any/all items and then "MOVE TO" another.
  3. I could change the script to try to deal better with download errors. It could retry the downloads automatically after a while, or try to update those lists first on next refresh. I'm not sure if any of these would solve the problem at all (or even alleviate it), but that's the only thing I can think of for now...

I'm still converting the script into a browser extension (including some new features), and I just added some of those ideas into my to-do list. Unfortunately it will still take a while to release it, but when I have the time I might try to replicate your issue and test the solutions.

Re: @mightysparks

A follow-up to my previous post... I didn't check here for a few weeks and when I came on my issue was closed

Just as Marti said, it would be better to check once in a while to see if there is a reply to any issue you open.

So apparently there's not enough space to post it all. I had 106 errors and 33 warnings. How should I share these?

First, it would be nice if you could describe your issue with some more details.

  1. Are you changing the script source code to add custom colors?
  2. Does color highlighting works with the original (unmodified) script code?
  3. When you don't change the code, or after you do a change (but NOT between two changes!), does highlighting behaves consistently the same way after you refreshes the data? Or does it behave differently (without you changing the code) when refreshing a couple of times?

To report errors, I'd suggest you to:

  1. Open the page where errors happen (e.g., "your lists" page)
  2. Open the Javascript console
  3. Clear the console (to remove other errors)
  4. Click the script's refresh button (or do the operation that triggers the error)
  5. Only then you should copy the errors. If the list is long, you can use a service such as or similar to paste the contents there and just post a link for it here.

Re: @Marti:

That would entail more cookies on your end and would need session forwarding

That is not necessary. Since I'm submitting a form, all data (i.e., the message content and URL) can be included in the sign in form as hidden fields (no session information nor cookies are required). After signing in, you redirect the browser to the previous URL, but including the message content in a new reply.

Re: @Marti:

Idleness is currently detected. If you don't initially navigate somewhere on the site you will be logged out within about five minutes with intendend behavior. So either type faster eg or visit another page first. ;)

Wouldn't it be much nicer to save the message and either submit it or go back to editing after signing in? The sign in page could have the message (and/or any other auxiliary data) in a hidden field form, as well as a redirection URL (so the user navigation could continue no matter why/where sign in was requested).

You do know you can click the line number for current published revision and get a link for that revision right?

Now I do! :) Thanks!

FWIW, this bug is a know issue since the day the latest Greasemonkey version was released, and seems to affect any update or new installation of any script including 'single quotes' in the name. If baffles me that such crippling error wasn't already fixed and a new version released!

I can confirm that my script doesn't run with Greasemonkey version 4.8. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This issue is caused by a Greasemonkey bug, but there is a simple workaround:

  1. Click the Greasemonkey icon > IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer > Edit.
  2. Change the 13th line, removing both apostrophes (i.e., change 'My Movies' enhancer to My Movies enhancer).
  3. Click the "Save" icon (floppy disk at the top left corner).
  4. Reload

I've never seen that type of error before. It is not a message emitted by my script, but by Greasemonkey - and it is not helpful at all (even its source code says it needs "Better indication of the root cause").

This is one of the reasons I'm currently rewriting this script as an add-on: one less puzzle piece to solve when there are problems...

Have you changed the source of the script? If so, I'd recommend to revert any changes or reinstall it first.

And what is your version of Greasemonkey? I've found I'm using 4.3 (according to about:addons), but it seems the latest version is 4.8 (which is only 18 days old)! I'll try the latest version soon.