AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Hey AltoRetrato,

hope you are doing fine?

Sorry to coming up with new issues again, but (at least for me) I having problems again.

Since today I can't see highlighted titles anymore. The 3 functions buttons in the list view are still there and I can update the database, but anything else are not working.

Tested with latest version of firefox and chrome.

I guess IMDB updated something again what broke the highlight feature!?

If you have time it would be great if you could take a look.

Thanks in advance


Hi there!

Sorry, I have no time at the moment to look at it for the next couple of weeks. If I don't comment here until then, please write again to remember me.


Hi AltoRetrato

As the OP highlighted, there is an issue with the script not highlighting movies that are included in saved lists.

Would be great if you managed to spare some time to fix it.

Many thanks.


I just tested the current script version on Google Chrome (v. 101.0.4951.67, 64-bit) with Tamper Monkey (v. 4.16.1) and it works for me without any issues.

IMDb might be serving you a different page, or there might be errors in the data it is sending you.

If you can provide more details I might be able to help. Please see the How to report errors (so they can be fixed) page and post the details below.

Hey AltoRetrato,

thx for your reply.

I still have the issues as I describe in the opening post. As you wished here are the infos you may need:

Browser: Chrome 101.0.4951.67, 64-bit
Tampermonkey: 4.16.1
URL with the problem: title pages (for example: )
Issues: no highlighted title in the title page
changes to script: no
other imdb scripts: no

java script errors:

Hope it helps you with the issu.

Thanks again for your time and support - and of course your great script :)

Encountered the same issue. IMDB must be serving different pages for testing…
The following 2 changes seem to resolve the issue:

In function highlightTitle()
if (!title)
title = document.querySelector("[data-testid=hero-title-block__title]");

In function highlightLinks()
if (!searchResultTitle)
searchResultTitle = a.querySelector("div > div[class*=searchResult__constTitle]");

My guess is that IMDb was doing a slow rollout of the changes, because I just got the new format as well.

Thank you both for reporting and suggesting changes. I did at least a couple more changes than Ghosted suggested: a few to solve names not being highlighted, another to try to find the title even if IMDb changes the formatting again (as long as it keeps using the


Version 1.51 should be live now. I'll close this issue now, but let me know if it works (or don't) for you.

v1.51 fixed the issue for me. Thx again for your great service AltoRetrato :)

Have a nice day.