AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

The one you click to update the colors on movies you've made changes to. It was in the my lists page. IMDB made a new wesbite, and I accepted to try out the beta (wanted to see what they have ruined next). Now that link button is gone. all my previous movies are still showing up in their proper colours, just not anything since my last button update.

hopefully this is not the end for this wonderful little extension!


I'm travelling at the moment, and will have a ton of work to take care of before I can even try to fix this - and I'd need access to the same version of the site you are now using, so I can't promise you a quick fix. If you want to, try to revert from the beta for now (unless you are enjoying the new version of the site and don't mind not using the script for a while, of course).

FWIW, for quite a long time I was thinking about making this a true browser add-on / extension, with more features, and compatible with at least Firefox mobile. I thought about creating a Patreon, Kickstarter or similar to gauge interest and see if it is worth the trouble to not just continue updating it after so many years, but make it simpler, easier to use and with more features.

I'll try to get back to you one way or another in this thread (maybe in a few weeks).

Hi Alto, thanks for the quick response, I was able to leave the beta and the original version works again.

I would be happy to support the project, would be a shame to see it end with this new website update, I am quite happy that I haven't had to fiddle around with the current grease monkey script and it has just worked for the last few years. I would think that if this new website update was addressed, it could work for many more years without too much work on your end.

enjoy the vacay

Hi Alto,

unfortunately the changes to the IMDB website are now default - there is no way back to the old "layout".

Hope you will have some time in the near future, to have a look.

Thanks in advance. Your script is still a life saver for me :)