AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

I upgraded to this from the older version in the other account. but it still doesn't seem to actually do anything for me I see no difference having this installed or not?

Is it broken?

Hi there!

It works for me on the latest Google Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and Firefox (versions 77.0.1 & 78.0.2 (64-bit), with Greasemonkey v. 4.9) on Windows 10.

Can you see the script's toolbar (buttons [Refresh highlight data] [Clear highlight data] [Help / About]) when you open ?


If you can see it, I suggest you check the help, then [Clear highlight data] and [Refresh highlight data]. Now any IMDb page you open or refresh should work.

If you can't see the the toolbar or if you still can't see any highlighting in any movie page you added to a list or rated, open the Javascript console (usually [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[J]) and, among several errors and warnings from different sources, you might find an error from Greasemonkey or the script. If you can copy & paste the errors here (or somewhere else, e.g. and share here a link), I might help you figure out what is wrong.

P.S.: be aware that, while OpenUserJS (this site) offers an awesome service (and for free!), IMHO it has one annoying flaw: your login can timeout while you write a message or reply, so if you spend some time writing your text (as I did), you might lose it when you send it. Always copy your entire message before clicking [Reply]! :)