AltoRetrato / IMDb 'My Movies' enhancer

Hey AltoRetrato,

I am using your great script since years. Unfortunately IMDB updated their website recently and the script stopped working for most parts.

If you still support the script may I ask if you can make a fix for it? I am lost without it :(

Thanks in advance.

Regards sammler

Re: @AltoRetrato:

... Maybe you are part of an A/B test ...

Most likely. IMDB doesn't look anything like it used to a few weeks ago. Don't have an account on their site but I can possibly validate this portion from guest browsing there.

Apologies for the interruption. :)

Re: @AltoRetrato:

Hello Alto.
I can confirm that the script is working on these pages. I am using Firefox (last update).

Maybe "stopped working" was the wrong choose of words. It stopped working on some pages like Movie, Actor page etc.pp.

IMDB changed the title layout and I have no option to turn back to the old layout.

I added a screenshot how it looks on my end right now.!


I can't the the color on the title, also I can't choose a cutsom list on the button "add to watchlist". This was working fine with the old layout.

Also in the search box, I can't see highlighted colored movies title anymore.

Hope it helps.

Thanks in advance.

Re: @Martii:
You don't have an IMDb account? The site was launched 30 years ago, you have been missing a lot! X-D

Re: @sammler2021:
Actually, the script is working - you can see that the link to IMDbPro is green. What happened is that, with the new layout, I have to change the script to find and change the color of the title in the page and in search results (as you can see here, I just did it).

Please let me know if there is any other specific highlight not working at the moment so I can release all changes at once.

I am using mostly the IMDB search, movie page, actor page and coming soon page.

As far as I see, only IMDB search and movie page doesn't show highlights. All other pages use the old layout.

After a few 503 errors on OpenUserJS, I managed to update the script. I didn't test the script thoroughly, though, so let me know if you see any issues.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the script isn't working on my end. Can't see the "boxes" on "mymovies/list" page, to run the script.

Re: @sammler2021:

Unfortunately the script isn't working on my end. Can't see the "boxes" on "mymovies/list" page, to run the script.

So was this issue meant to be closed if it's not working for you? If not currently @AltoRetrato can reopen it easily.

P.S. Yes certain replies need to be done with my Admin role only above... so don't be too confused. ;)

Re: @Martii:
I guess not. I tried it several times on different PCs and browsers, but the updated script isn't working on my end. I just wait till AltoRetrato finds some time to have a look. I appreciate his work so much :)

It's been so long since I wrote JavaScript that I ended up using Python syntax 🤦‍♂️! My bad! I just fixed it, hope it works now for you.

Re: @AltoRetrato:

I ended up using Python syntax

Welcome to my world with a touch of synchronous vs. asynchronous too ;)

Re: @AltoRetrato:

You don't have an IMDb account?

Not enough time plus every site has to have a unique password... brain's full in that region... but I do guest visit a lot.

The script is running beautifully again. Thanks sooooo much @AltoRetrato :)

So great to see you still updating this amazing piece of work.

Enjoy your weekend :)))))))

Re: @Martii:

Not enough time plus every site has to have a unique password... brain's full in that region...

I recommend KeePass and/or KeePassDroid: free and open-source password manager.

Re: @sammler2021:

Glad to know it is working again for you. Enjoy!

For those who still can't see the three boxes on top of the IMDb page "Your Lists": reinstall the script (click About > Install > Reinstall, starting on this web page). Reinstalling would be safe, wouldn't it? Not loosing any important data och settings?

I had to reinstall, because just checking for updates didn't fix it for me. My guess is that I had installed the bad version 1.49 that was including the Python code, and later the update procedure didn't understand to update from the bad 1.49 to the fixed 1.49 that included only JavaScript. Could I be right about that?

If I am, it would perhaps be a good thing to publish a copy of the fixed 1.49 and change only the version number to 1.50, so that other people stuck with the bad 1.49 (including the python code) automatically would get an update, as version 1.50?