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The point is, there is absolutely nothing tells us why the changes were not saved. Not everyone is using external text editor, we sometimes edit it directly on the website, which means we loose everything we changed. Imagine if your code editor did that to you.

@updateURL is actually not removed from installed script, only in source view at website(?) Anyhow it doesn't seem to have any affect on scripts that already installed.
So far the only solution I found is to update the script to display a message where explained that user will have to manually install new version and delete old one. This is sucks.

When updating an existing script, if @name has changed openuserjs creates a totally new script instead of updating existing one.
This creates a problem, because now users won't get updates. On top of that openuserjs also removes @updateURL.

Any suggestions how to handle name change and let existing users know about it? (other then bumping version number of the old-name-scirpt and add brutal alert popup)

It rejecting alright, but it doesn't tell you why, the script editor just refreshes and all the changes are gone.
I thought it was server malfunction.

Would be nice have an option stay logged in until manually logged out. Majority of us don't use public computers and this is not a bank website after all...
Or at least please let us manipulate cookies ourselves.



Is there a way stay logged in for more then one hour? (exaggerated, not sure exactly how long my login times out, definitely less then a day).

Re: @Marti:
Oh wow. Thank you. Didn't know that.
Unfortunately though it doesn't remember the setting, after refresh it reverts to default?

For now we can change it globally for all scripts with:

var editor = ace.edit("editor");

But would be nice have ability change it per script or at least have a choice when viewing script's source.

When viewing/editing source, would be nice select the tab size. Currently it's 8 spaces, but not everyone use so many and source looks ill formatted.

Thank you.

The problem is that there is no warning displayed when username changed by sanitizing routine. It should show the sanitized name and give them opportunity change it if they don't like before continue.

Ok, confusing website, can't find how to contact admins I'll ask here.
If possible I'd like change my username to V@no or vanowm


During registration I entered username as V@no it didn't warn me about not allowed character and without any notification change it to Vno
How can I change my username or delete the account so I can recreate with a proper username? (I don't want to open a new email since my email is already in use by this account)

Thank you.