Is there a way stay logged in for more then one hour? (exaggerated, not sure exactly how long my login times out, definitely less then a day).

Re: @vanowm:

Is there a way stay logged in for more then one hour?

Current session time is 4 hours. This may be improved after next week but probably won't exceed one day unless a good reason is given.

Would be nice have an option stay logged in until manually logged out. Majority of us don't use public computers and this is not a bank website after all...
Or at least please let us manipulate cookies ourselves.


Re: @vanowm:

Firstly I'm running some session tests.

Secondly most of you do not logout... part of the test results already. This slows the server down quite a bit when laziness comes into play.

Thirdly if we give you infinite cookie time then it's two weeks on our end... too lengthy imo.

Fourthly I will continue examining the expiration time until the tests are concluded.

Fifth in line, most sites don't give you "unlimited" session time.

Sixth contemplating doing a Pandora style thing of "Are you still there?" and log you out if you aren't responding.

Public or private is irrelevant and not a good reason. WiFi is quite popular so a portable device would definitely not be on a private network. Some large cable providers allow this even when you are not at home.

Anyhow... look for it on Development if I boost it sometime next week... unless a super duper good reason is given before then. :)

It's been discussed with the powers that be.

I added rolling last night and next week I'll work on setting three (3) days maximum before authed session is destroyed. Minimum authed session should still be around four (~4) hours. Could change.