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I too saw different layouts on different systems, and I won't be able to check the system with the problem until Monday. Thanks!

Hello! It looks as if the IMDb has redesigned its user interface. The enhancer is still enabled, but I'm not seeing any color changes for the films in my lists, and the buttons aren't showing up on the lists page. I'm using Chrome and Tampermonkey. Best, Dan

I got the update automatically: that feature works very well in Chrome. Many thanks! Best, Dan

One message appears in the console: "Could not find ID of the 'Your check-ins' list! Try to make it public (you can make it private again right after)." I found my check-ins list, and it it indeed private, but I can't see how to make it public. Thanks for your help! Best, Dan Sallitt

One more thing: I just noticed that, though the progress bar hangs and stays on screen forever, the actual refresh of the data seems to complete. - Dan Sallitt

Hello. I'm seeing a problem in the last 24 hours, on two different systems, both using Chrome and Tampermonkey and version 1.44 of the script. Normally when I select Refresh Highlight Data, the progress indicator says "Loading 1/5." (I have three lists to update.) Starting yesterday, the progress indicator says "Loading 1/6" instead, though I have added no lists. The indicator gets as far as "Loading 5/6" and then hangs, and never completes. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thanks. - Dan Sallitt

Thanks yet again! Everything looking good. Auto-update is working on Chrome.

Hello. Sometime in the last two days, the buttons on Your Lists vanished again. I'm using Chrome; tomorrow I'll check a different machine and browser, but I just wanted to sound the alarm. Highlighting eventually vanished too, though I could see it in some windows for a while. Can anyone else see the buttons? Thanks.

1.41 is working again for me - thanks very much, as always! I haven't been able to get it working on Firefox 57 on one system, but it works with Firefox 57 on another - I need to give it a closer look. Works automatically with Chrome on both systems.

Is anyone able to see the Enhancer buttons on the Your Lists page anymore?

Hello. Just a few days ago - on Tue Jan 9 I think - the Enhancer buttons vanished from my IMDb Your Lists page. They're gone both in Firefox with Greasemonkey and in Chrome with Tampermonkey, on two different systems. Highlighting remains, I think, though it went away in one Chrome browser after a software update. Thanks!

Refresh and highlighting work perfectly on both Chrome and Firefox 57.0. Auto-update worked on Chrome - no auto-update for me on Firefox. Thank you very much for the great support! This script is a wonderful thing.

Yes, I recently lost the buttons on the My Lists page too. Is anyone still able to refresh info with the enhancer now? I believe the highlighting and buttons remain until one tries to refresh.

Sometime in the last few weeks I stopped being able to refresh the highlight data for my IMDB lists: the progress bar instantly displays "Loading 1/4..." and stays there forever. All previous highlighting is cleared. I'm accumulating a great many titles in my lists, about 9,000 at the moment - is there any limit here? The IMDb also made some changes to its user interface for lists around the same time - if that were the problem, I'd imaging that no one would be able to refresh. I'm having the problem with both Chrome and Firefox (the version before 57.0), and having the problem on two computers. Thanks.

Re: @sallitt:
Please ignore the above. I needed to refresh highlight data on the lists page before I could see highlighting.

Hi. I'm currently unable to see highlighting on any IMDB page with version 1.39 - I used to be able to a few years ago. I get a "User not logged in (or can't get user info)" error in the Firefox browser console, though I'm logged in to the IMDb.