ladroop Author

p.s. also working for chaturbate theatre mode clean Version 1.20

it's still working at this moment (version 4.8)

do note that if there is nothing to clean in the profile there will also be no button

btw , i noticed that in very rare occasion in some rooms the buttons won't show
i know the reason and i will fix that later

I try to reproduce your bug but till now all works fine

maybe you can give me some more info

what browser
what's the sequence of your actions ?
pm tab open or close , when do your press refresh info etc.

chaturbate finally knows what to do with it ( only for supporters )
i will bring it back in the script soon

Thank you for your feedback

and sometimes they do that.
I tried to find the locale version without that feature ( using vpn etc) but i could not find it.
i think it will be functional within weeks or even days for everyone.
Making a version that works on both is too much work for something that may only be needed for so short time
For now you can still use the old version

bad internet connections may also stop the thumbnails

oops , late reaction ....
i know it's not working and i kept it online for some coding ideas

i also know how to capture tip events bit i never saw anyone use this script
so i don't want to put much effort in it.

(and many models are very well able to fake a lush without a script .. lol)

i see it now , tnx for the feedback
they have made a region block on the picture stream too

i found a workaround , quality will be worse but better then nothing

new version will be online soom

Chaturbate changed the chat script some time ago. this change makes it almost impossible to listen to chat using their own functions

There are a few ways left to listen to the chat, observe the chat screen or make your own WS connection ( that could give some nice
options ..) but i have never seen someone using this script so i will not put may effort in it.

i removed the in video banner
if you want to stop the sign-up pop-up .... sign up and log in .....

i will try to fix it
the add's on cam4 are really annoying and they change it every time

Long answer, make sure you have version 2.8, visit a cam in theater mode, follow the instruction that appear after a few seconds next to the chaturbate logo on the top of the page.
Short answer, install my cb theater mode clean script.

thank you serenity & Marti

Updated to v2.8
i use tampermonkey assuming that when it runs in @grant none it should all be compatible.
that was wrong ...

your error refers to this line :


This line is called on a page with chat and profile when the page loads and
when "clean profile" is clicked.
(At the end it will show the spy price in tk/min in the profile)
But i can't reproduce this error.
I looks like the script got no access to the page but it should have because
it runs in "@grant none".

Maybe you can give me more info about:
on what page does the error occur.
what browser do you use.
what monkey do you use ( e.g. tampermonkey , greasemonkey, violentmonkey).

thank you for your feedback.

it was a strange bug that only happened the first time you entered the site.
once you go full screen and back it was over
it should be fixed in version 2.6

(in fact it's a bug on the CB website , in html5 the control bar is inside the video and
in flash it's below the video. their own resize function does not handle that on the correct way)

i made some tests in demo mode , i'm not a broadcaster, and it's still working

please keep in mind that :
sounds are only played with tips of 15 and higher, below 15 there are only beeps.
the sound should not start with a silent part.

i made this script for fun and practice , i have never seen a broadcaster using it :-(