ladroop / cb theatermode clean

refreshing info about pvt in endless loop when user is logged and got PM

enter image description here

I try to reproduce your bug but till now all works fine

maybe you can give me some more info

what browser
what's the sequence of your actions ?
pm tab open or close , when do your press refresh info etc.

Browser: Chrome ver. 84.0.4147.125


  1. logged on chaturbate.
  2. room with Split Mode.
  3. no matter what tab you are on (chat, users, pm)
  4. When i get Private messages - bio starts refreshing in endless loop.
  5. When i press refresh info i got alert "Slow down !"
    to resolved this issue I commented this line
    //observer.observe(observenode, observerConfig); (line 162)

extension installed:
cb theatermode clean 1.17
Chaturbate Clean 4.7