ladroop / Chaturbate Clean

Live thumbnails is not working any longer, as per chaturbate support its a beta feature not fully released. Can you please add it back i miss it. I can confirm using old 4.1 version makes things work fine

Thank you for your feedback

and sometimes they do that.
I tried to find the locale version without that feature ( using vpn etc) but i could not find it.
i think it will be functional within weeks or even days for everyone.
Making a version that works on both is too much work for something that may only be needed for so short time
For now you can still use the old version

bad internet connections may also stop the thumbnails

really missing this feature. Is there a way to get the previous version if you do not want to re add the functionality?

chaturbate finally knows what to do with it ( only for supporters )
i will bring it back in the script soon