ladroop / Chaturbate Clean


Thanks for your hard work.
For info, it is not possible to access to the volume in the tchat's room.
Impossible neither to change the video quality or to maximise the video if the script is on.
Chrome 61.0.3163.100, Chaturbate_Clean version 2.5 on Win10 64 bits.
Thanks ;)

thank you for your feedback.

it was a strange bug that only happened the first time you entered the site.
once you go full screen and back it was over
it should be fixed in version 2.6

(in fact it's a bug on the CB website , in html5 the control bar is inside the video and
in flash it's below the video. their own resize function does not handle that on the correct way)

I am amazed how fast you are at solving problems.
Thank you so much!!