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Thanks for your suggestions.
There are existing threads on Whirlpool and Cheapies which detail the installation process.
Anyone unable to find them with a web search or requiring screen shots is outside the intended audience.
It's a barrier to entry that helps preserve my sanity.

Thanks for the feedback.
Could you please post this on Whirlpool so we can see whether anyone else has had this issue?
In your post, please include the store, deal and time of day you made the order.

Strange, some of the asterisks are getting removed from my posts.
Replace STAR with * below:

Yeah it is, although I don't think that's due to the script.
When you take out the sidebar ads it looks better - if you're running AdBlock add this filter:

Ok just put through an update for this.
It looks like Newscorp is now using the same backend for the Australian and the Business Spectator.
The Eureka report is still separate, although I expect it will be ported over shortly.

That's not working for me, at least not for the article links you posted.

I can't find any way around it for now.
Let me know if you come up with anything.

Hi Kevan,

I've tested a few pages and it's still working for me.

Can you give an example url which triggers a login request?

It works fine for me under Firefox and Chrome.
Are you using any cookie blockers or extensions?

There's no calls to the dialog box function in the script, so it's probably from elsewhere.
How many scripts are shown as active in the Tampermonkey menu when you're on that page?

OK, should be fixed for Chrome.
Could you please test and let me know how you go?

It's working for me - which browser are you using?
Can you restart your browser and see if it starts working?

If I click on "View Source" I can edit the script.
When I click on "Edit Mode" I get a 404.

When I try and edit my script online, I get the message:

"The file or folder was not found."

Is anyone else having this problem?