jehan / Article Limit Remover

Hi there,

As of yesterday the script stopped working, I'm on Firefox 32.0.1. I get a request to log in when trying to access an article. This happened before your last update. Hoping you can work your magic.


Hi Kevan,

I've tested a few pages and it's still working for me.

Can you give an example url which triggers a login request?

Re: @jehan:

When I try to access articles like this

it gives me a log on demand. I am logged on. Firefox 31.0 on another Mac does not have a problem. Does not matter if I am logged on or not with that Firefox version. The problem occurs with Firefox 31.0.1 on my main computer. It just auto updated yesterday and the problem occurred. This happened before and your last version solved it.

Maybe there is a cookie issue and I should flush the NYTimes cookies?


today it appears to be working. not sure what the issue was/is. sometimes the sight asks for login after every article link, then the issue goes away. seems to correspond to firefox updates. I try quitting and reopening firefox and it persists, but today all is well again...