jehan / Newscorp Paywall Reset

I can't find any way around it for now.
Let me know if you come up with anything.

Re: @jehan:

If you type the premium article headline in to Google, and access via Google, it does not get redirected to the overlay.

Perhaps they changed something with the cookies, I'm not sure exactly...

That's not working for me, at least not for the article links you posted.

Further to this Chrome extension, my testing indicates that it works perfectly in Chrome "normal" mode, but when switching to "incognito mode", the overlay/redirection reappears.

Thank you.

Seems to work in both normal and incognito mode using both Firefox (Greasemonkey) and Chrome (Tampermonkey).

Yeah it is, although I don't think that's due to the script.
When you take out the sidebar ads it looks better - if you're running AdBlock add this filter:

Hi, I use Adblock Plus, but that syntax does not seem to work.

Strange, some of the asterisks are getting removed from my posts.
Replace STAR with * below: