jehan / Newscorp Paywall Reset

It's working for me - which browser are you using?
Can you restart your browser and see if it starts working?


I am using Google Chrome Dev Channel 37.0.2031.2 dev-m with Tampermonkey on Windows 7.

Perhaps try other premium articles on the site? A weird dialog pops up and the article does not appear.

Thanks for your help.


OK, should be fixed for Chrome.
Could you please test and let me know how you go?

The articles now seem to work but the annoying dialog box still keeps popping up on every article, including the main page.

There's no calls to the dialog box function in the script, so it's probably from elsewhere.
How many scripts are shown as active in the Tampermonkey menu when you're on that page?

Re: @jehan:

The problem was caused by the script NoPicAds.

It was strange as it was only appearing on Business Spectator, hence why I thought it was caused by yours.

Anyway the problem is now solved by disabling NoPicAds. Don't understand why it did that.