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Yes I was aware of that but I updated the script a while ago to fix it but maybe tampermonkey or whatever you use didn't update the script, could you try reinstalling the script and check if it works?

Yes, the emotes menu never worked, I have no idea why it happens but I usually type the emotes with : and then the name, it's faster. But then I'll take a look at it to see if it can be fixed or not.
you just discovered it?!!! yeah that's a feature that is listed on the home page of the script, it's something very important of the overlay (it's there since the first version) so you can read the chat when the video is very bright. It's like the most useful thing it has haha

Hi! yes no problem there I added it, my bad for the delay in responding in case you needed it before!
About the configuration menu I already have the code rewritten but there is still a little bit to do on the interface and how it will work

Cool that you were able to implement it to the hot keys! I guess you ban too many people to take advantage of it haha
I would also like the new scroll to work but first I'm going to try to refactor the code to make it easier to maintain and add things, like the configuration. I guess that in one/two weeks or so it will be ready to test it in its first versions
Again, thanks for the help and comments, I think the moderator menu is looking good and then with the configuration you will be able to modify it to your needs and taste!
Anyway, i think that's all for now for this thread, for any other suggestions please open another "issue", thanks a lot man!

Super happy to help and that you like it, i also like the way it's shaping up so I like to improve it and you are a great help for that, really. I like the new scroll mechanism because it's much simpler and has no text, but anyway I'm going to set the old one to be the default because the new one has some problems. Even so I was able to solve the problem that goes up and down, I'm not 100% sure but I think so, I would appreciate if you can confirm it.
The thing about the delay I think it is on the part of twitch, if you do a test it also takes a while to respond when you use the command directly in the chat.
About modifying the ctrl + click... you could modify the script but in the next update may be deleted what you have modified if you do not save it separately, so it would not be very comfortable (for now), even so if you know something about js you can do it without problems. Anyway I have the idea in the future to add a basic configuration to be able to change the type of scroll, shortcuts, styles and others, but for that I need to change the design of the code, so the idea of the shortcuts to make a timeout/ban is good but it seems to me that it will also be for after that update.

For now if you want to test between the different scroll (button or automatic) you can change the value of "stop_on_hover" in the code between true and false.
Just in case if you don't know how to get there you have to click on the extensions icon on the top right -> click on tampermonkey -> Dashboard -> Installed user script and you will see "Twitch Chat over Video", click there go down a little more and you will see that in one part it says "config" and there is stop_on_hover and a value, change it as you prefer between true and false.

After all this long text the update is already uploaded and should be all fixed, the menu position and the scroll problem.

Thanks man, I just updated it check it when you can and please confirm me that it is working as expected. I've already been testing it but anyway if you see that something is not working or could be improved let me know.
Btw try holding Control and clicking on a user, nice idea :p

Glad to know that it improved because there were some things that were also very poorly done haha and you're right, the menu takes time to display ... and therefore i will try to make the custom menu in the coming weeks / days when I can, it will add a lot to the chat and according to what I saw can be done, the idea would be to make it as simple but functional. Regarding the buttons that appear when you click on someone, the ones that it should have are the ones you said before, ban, unban, timeout(60), un-timeout, (the unban I don't know what function it would have since the messages don't appear in the chat, is it the same as the un-timeout?) and also I was thinking of putting the timeout of 600s (10m) and 1 day, do you think these last ones are necessary? and do you think that more should be added?
Thanks for the good feedback by the way (y)

It is also a possibility to make my own menu, but first it would be good if you update the script to the version I released a few moments ago and tell me if the current twitch menu is useful in full screen or if you think a separate menu is necessary. I'm not a moderator on any channel really so I don't know how good the twitch menu is.
Anyway for now it has some flaws like it doesn't remember the last position if you move it, but it can be fixed later if it survives.

Yes, the menu is very useful and some time ago I was also told if I could add it but unfortunately it can't be done due to the way they implemented it.
Still I think it needs some tools to moderate and I can implement the twitch menu that appears when you left click on a user. It's not the same but it allows more or less the same tools.
If I can do it these days I'll post it here

Thanks for the heads up, I saw it yesterday and made the changes to fix it. Indeed, twitch made some changes and broke several extensions.

I'm going to close it since it seems to be working again.