enzo418 / Twitch Chat over Video

I think u can't use the emote menu in this script, it's glitch, u can't scroll and stuff.

WAIT YOU CAN MAKE THE BACKGROUND DARKER? when i opened the emote menu without opening it before going into fullscreen, it didn't scroll but it just kept controlling the background transparency, bit weird but cool to have it

I think... you've added a code and i discovered it in a glitch way?

Yes, the emotes menu never worked, I have no idea why it happens but I usually type the emotes with : and then the name, it's faster. But then I'll take a look at it to see if it can be fixed or not.
you just discovered it?!!! yeah that's a feature that is listed on the home page of the script, it's something very important of the overlay (it's there since the first version) so you can read the chat when the video is very bright. It's like the most useful thing it has haha

OMG ,that's good, that's a good idea, my bad then, didn't need to open a whole issue for it, i thought it was a glitch, sickk