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didn't know of that GET var "limit", thanks. I will work to add multiple pages support.

Re: @jerone:

Sorry for that but old namespace is not valid anymore. Got it, next time I will notify the community.

Re: @jerone:

Hi thanks for reporting the issue. You're right, it is due to invalid JSON format. Will publish a new version as soon as possible.

Re: @TimidScript:

Thanks for your screenshot, I've published a new version which shows total installs and ratings in table header.

Re: @TimidScript:

By the way what do you mean by "use of superscript"?

Oh, the right word isn't "steal", it's "inspire" :)

usually it ends up needing the data stored client side... which runs into collisions with automatic cleanup routines on the client computer.

Imho that ain't a problem: if an user cleans cookies / localStorage, my userscript will show no statistics at all, as if it were just installed. Does this Make sense?

thanks for your feedback, I've just published a new version which fixes both the issues you prompted me.

Regarding catching username, I do know mine was a weak routine so thanks again.

Let me know if you ever decide to build my code into oujs.org, I'm glad to contribute.

I already did the test you suggest (that's why that GM_deleteValue is written there): no errors.

Anyway I've just changed some things and published a new version.

By the way I'm using Date syntax as shown on MDN

Re: @cuzi:

Hi thanks for your feedback, could you please also provide which os, browser and *monkey version you're using? My JS console shows no errors at all.