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In line 102 oldDate = new Date.getTime(); should be oldDate = (new Date).getTime();

Hi thanks for your feedback, could you please also provide which os, browser and *monkey version you're using? My JS console shows no errors at all.

Re: @burn:
I'm using latest stable Firefox and Greasemonkey.
I think the else-branch will only be reached the first time the script runs.
Uncomment the GM_deleteValue in line 84 to reproduce the error.

I already did the test you suggest (that's why that GM_deleteValue is written there): no errors.

Anyway I've just changed some things and published a new version.

By the way I'm using Date syntax as shown on MDN

Re: @cuzi:

Re: @burn:
Thanks it works now!

AFAICT Firefox evaluates new Date.getTime() as new (Date.getTime)()